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Wall Mounted Display Fixtures


Wall mounted store fixtures are the perfect solution when the available retail area is limited, allowing for the optimization of the existing space without over-crowding the retail floor. Wall displays will free up all-important floor space, allow a smoother flow throughout the store and create better viewing possibilities without sacrificing merchandising opportunities.

The waterfall style wall mounted display fixtures are designed with slanted arms allowing multiple items to be viewed without obscuring the items to the rear. Hangers are held in place with metal studs set along the top of the rail or with hooks fixed under the rail. This type of fixture is perfect for displaying clothes such as shirts, jackets, t-shirts and accessories combinations. The straight arm display is a wall mounted hangrail display for displaying apparel items such as T-shirts, blouses, shirts.

When not in use the arm will hinge flat to the wall. This apparel store fixture standard is extremely useful; combining as it does limited space usage with maximum merchandising capability. These stylish designs display and organize hanging clothes attractively. The hang rail fixtures that include a shelf can be used displaying for additional folded items or hats and handbags.

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