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Male Mannequins


Welcome to our range of classic male mannequin displays. These durable fiberglass forms have been skillfully modeled with great realism and attention to detail to create outstanding promotional displays for in-store retail merchandising. Full body male mannequin forms have the ability to convey the potential of your merchandise in a manner that no other retail fixture can surpass. Our male mannequin designs made for merchandising the full spectrum of menswear including formal, casual, active wear and work wear and find themselves put to effective use in a diverse range of retail environments including men’s fashion apparel stores, hardware stores and even car dealerships!

Subastral Inc.’s male mannequin figures are constructed in high quality fiberglass for practical use. Fiberglass provides a sturdy structure but is lightweight making it easy to maneuver. It is also simple to maintain (wipe clean with a damp cloth) and durable. For added functionality, our male mannequins are designed in easy-to-assemble sections and set on sturdy metal stands. In this regard each male mannequin features detachable arms, hands and torso to simplify the process of dressing the form for display. Many of our mannequins are also equipped with calf supports so footwear can be incorporated into the apparel display ensemble.

Our male mannequins are available in a variety of lifelike standing, sitting and action poses which are ideal for use on the retail sales floor or for creating attention-getting window displays. Choose from our abstract style (egg-head mannequins), semi-abstract (with simplified features) or realistic male mannequins with fully molded facial features and sculpted hair. In addition, our mannequins are available in flesh tone, white, black, glossy or matte and in slim athletic physique or a strong muscular build which is more suited to displaying sportswear apparel. A wide range of size measurements are also available including chest, hip and height etc. the details of which are listed with the individual styles.

For more styles, browse our range of headless male mannequins and mannequin torso forms.

Unless otherwise stated, all our male mannequin forms are in stock and ready to ship nationwide. Most mannequins ship same day if ordered before 12:00PST. If you have any questions or would like to place your order over the phone with one of our sales assistants please feel free to call us at 1-888-624-8222

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