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Sign Holders


Retail store signs are tools that allow the consumer and sales staff the ability to quickly identify sale items, promotional products and branded merchandise.

Signage used in a commercial setting helps employees to stay organized and have immediate visual access to office supplies and materials.

There are several different options available when selecting sign holders for your business. The most commonly accessible display sign holders are ready fabricated acrylic, metal or wood sign stands including vertical free standing sign holders, stand up sign holders and sign stands that affix to the top of a display table or store fixture. Also, available is signage designed to work in conjunction with specific display fixtures like slatwall and gridwall.

Many retail stores and office environments opt to have custom made sign holders designed especially for their location. This option can be costly, but can also create a uniformity that is unique to their business and create brand recognition.

Ready fabricated plastic and acrylic sign holders allow signs to be enclosed within the plastic where the sign is protected, therefore lasting longer and not having to be replaced on a regular basis.

Metal sign holders are generally made without a plastic cover. Depending on use and handling, a paper sign used in a metal sign holder may need to be replaced more often. Laminating the actual sign to be placed in the metal sign holder is a great way to protect your signs.

Sign holders are the industry leader for maximizing sales, promoting point of purchase items, communicating with customers and keeping employees organized.

At Subastral Inc. we carry a full range of retail sign holders, sign stands and retail sign systems.


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