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Slotted Wall Standards


Wall standards are the tried and true system for organizing wall space and making maximum use of unused areas of your retail store. Compelling wall displays around the perimeter of your store will ensure that wall space is put to profitable use. When integrated into your retail display efficiently, slotted wall standards will showcase products with increased visibility and ensure your store perimeter becomes a productive component of your retail scheme.

The secret behind many great wall displays is the use of high-quality, adaptable and durable wall standards. Specifically engineered for commercial use, our wall standards provide just such outstanding utility, making it possible to add a wide range of displays for assorted to your retail walls, including adjustable shelving, face outs, and hang rails etc. The wall standards are mounted directly to the wall, and are typically used in combination with hang rails, brackets and waterfalls etc to create a display system that is attractive, durable and endlessly adaptable.

Wall standards are available in different weights for different purposes including medium duty and heavy-duty, depending on your specific needs. They are also produced in a choice lengths and finishes. As the foundation of any great retail display wall system, strategically investing in high-quality wall standards will help ensure the durability of your wall displays for years to come!

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