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Slotted Wall Standards


Maximizing wall space is key to making efficient use of unused areas in retail stores. Durable and compelling wall displays around the perimeter of your store will ensure that wall space is put to good use. When installed thoughtfully, slotted wall standards will showcase products with the utmost efficiency and present an eye catching display that is space-saving and can actually help boost sales by making the store perimeter so much more productive.

The secret behind every great wall display is high-quality and durable wall standards. When specifically engineered for commercial use, wall standards provide outstanding support. This makes it possible to add a range of different displays to retail walls, including adjustable shelving, face outs, and hang rails. Wall standards are mounted directly to the wall, and typically used in combination with hang rods, brackets, and waterfalls as a way of creating display systems that are versatile and attractive, as well as durable.

Wall standards are available in a number of different weights ranging from medium to heavy-duty weight loads, depending on your specific needs. They also come in a variety of lengths and materials. As the foundation of any great retail display wall system, strategically investing in high-quality wall standards will help ensure the durability of your wall displays for years to come.

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