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Female Dress Forms


Female dress forms naturally fall into two distinct types; the professional dressmaker dress form and the retail display form. The former is created for fashion designers, dressmakers and seamstresses and the latter for promoting women's fashion apparel in retail stores.

There are few in-store marketing tools as powerful and readily available to the retailer of women's fashions than the female dress form display. A well merchandised dress form will physically model an outfit and invite the prospective customer's full review. In doing so, it conceptualizes an image and compellingly projects a fantasy of ownership.

Unlike many other retail fixtures, these displays are also more than just marketing and visual merchandising tools. A well chosen female dress form display will add a strong decorative element to the overall retail scheme and reinforce an atmosphere of quality.

At Subastral Inc we supply high quality dress forms made in a variety of styles, materials and colors, all of which are available in standard sizes. The torsos are covered in durable white linen or jersey fabric with a padded underlay, allowing the visual merchandiser to pin and arrange garments on the body form with total control. This enables the merchandiser to fit to the apparel to the display form so that it presents with total perfection. Bases allow the torso height to be adjusted and a choices of base style and neck blocks enable you to match the display to your retail scheme.

Many of our forms have also been designed with a side pole socket making it easy to display, pant, jean and trouser combinations by inserting the pole through the leg. A well merchandised female dress form can also be used to bring together and cross-promote an outfit with co-ordinates such as shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry and accessories to boost the full spectrum of stock on offer.

Our dressmaker dress forms are industry standard professional quality forms for fashion design professionals but are equally at home on the retail floor where quality and utilitarian chic can be used to evoke the glamour of the design atelier.

For alternative women's fashion display options please view our female mannequins .

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