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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Shoe Displays


From the haute designer brands to the popular affordable brands, shoe sales represent a substantial proportion of all fashion retail purchases today. At Subastral Inc we offer a selection of shoe displays for marketing your merchandise in this lucrative area. Our retail displays for footwear are perfect for organizing your merchandise at the point of sale and for creating attention grabbing shoe displays in your retail store including window displays.

At Subastral Inc we offer a select range of shoe merchandising options that are perfect for shoe shop display and for use in fashion boutiques particularly, where the merchandising needs are secondary to the prime focus of the business. In this case the compact design of our revolving shoe display fixture combined with its amazing capacity for holding large quantities of merchandise is the perfect fixture.

Our wall-mounted shoe displays and slatwall options also maximize visual presentation while using the minimum amount of space. Perimeter wall mounted accessories are easy to use and can be configured into groups to create an eye catching displays or they can be used individually to feature exceptional items that deserve closer inspection. In addition to the shoe racks, shoe stands, shoe risers and various retail displays that can be used for organizing footwear, we also supply fitting stools and shoe mirrors to support and facilitate sales.

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