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Acrylic Sign Holders


Acrylic sign holders are an inexpensive and effective solution for communicating with your customers and advertising within your retail store environment. Made of clear acrylic plastic, these holders provide a protective transparent covering for inserting signage and graphics. Clear sign holders elevate your presentation and extend the life of otherwise ephemeral photographic media and paper printed material.

These straightforward display items are simple to clean and easy to swap out/update with new material as required as well as providing neat presentation. Suitable for promotional flyers etc., sign holders are ideal for communicating with customers at the precise point for the greatest effect – right next to the merchandise on display. They efficiently direct customer’s attention, announce prices or discounts and advertise the particular benefits of the items on display. Acrylic sign holders are also useful at trade shows and craft fairs etc. where the sheer volume of browsers make it difficult to communicate individually with potential customers.

Well designed and strategically situated signage exerts a powerful influence on customer behavior and enables the retailer to draw attention to top-selling products, cross-sell and upsell coordinates prompt customers to action.

The clear acrylic sign holder most cost effective method of connection with your customers on the sales floor, restaurant table, bank counter or reception desk.

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