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Gridwall Display Systems

Gridwall provides easy functionality, logical organization and visibility for retail merchandising a broad range of products from delicate handcrafted items to tools and hardware. Gridwall enables merchandise to be displayed in an accessible easy-to-browse and eye-catching manner that allows the customer to examine, and take in at a glance, the range and options of the merchandise on offer.

To show off your selection of products and for sheer adaptability, a gridwall in-store display system provides unbeatable versatility with its potential for unlimited configurations. A gridwall perimeter display transforms ‘dead’ wall space into a promotionally active sales generator.

A gridwall system can find a perfect fit in any store, whether to show off an entire line of merchandise, or a new, limited time product for which the appropriate gridwall accessories can be temporarily pressed into action. A great feature of this systems mix-and-match adaptability is coherence. In spite of the myriad possible configurations and specific functions of the display accessories the overall effect is one of visual continuity.

At Subastral Inc we offer a broad selection of gridwall accessories to help you customize your display to your specific needs and match your line of products. With gridwall you need never feel limited. It provides the freedom to organize, reorganize and experiment with your retail scheme while its affordability makes it one of the most accessible retail systems on the market.

Simply connect several of panels with a few gridwall connectors, add hat displays to show off your headgear, put up shelves to show off a line of folded apparel or gift items, or baskets to contain an infinite variety of small products. Every business is different, and the combination of displays required will differ from one store to another. Whether you're a small mom and pop shop, a large superstore, or traveling to tradeshows, there's a display and a set of accessories in this range to fit your needs!

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