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Eyewear Display


Why are sunglass displays and eyewear displays so important for promoting an item that was once seen as a seasonal stock item. Over the decades, the sunglass and eyewear industry is no longer considered a seasonal business, but a year round market with sales in the billions. Not only does this sector include sunglasses, but retailers are now stocking trendy reading glasses driven by consumers needs - we now spend a number of hours each day in front of a computer, phone or tablet screen, putting added strain on our eyes. Sunglasses have become a necessary accessory for both men and women as consumers have become more aware of the damaging effects of sunrays on our unprotected eyes. As a fashion statement a fabulous pair of sunglasses can turn a simple outfit into something "wow". Consumers will update their sunglasses and eyewear frames as often as a they purchase a lipstick, pair of shoes or tie. With such profits at stake, retailers can't not afford to stock these accessories.

At Subastral Inc., we equip the retailer with the necessary eyewear displays to take advantage of this lucrative market. Our eyewear displays and sunglass incorporate efficient designs to suite the specific requirements for both small and large retailers.

Counter top sunglass displays and table top eyewear display - These displays are perfect for retailers who are limited on space or want to explore the possibilities in a small way. Subastral Inc's countertop eyewear displays include both open and locking displays. These displays combine organized presentation with visual impact in a very compact design. Price points range from $68 - $100

Revolving sunglass displays and eyewear displays - These are great displays for featuring low to mid priced sunglasses or eyewear on an open fixture with consumer accessibility. Our revolving fixtures are floor standing displays with bottom storage for holding overstock and back stock. The revolving sunglass and eyeglass display can be positioned at the end of an isle next to a pharmacy or near the isle of a clothing department where visibility is highest. Price points range from $162 - $500

Locking wall mounted sunglass displays and eyewear displays - If you carry high end sunglasses and luxury eyeglass frames, you will want to keep them under lock and key. Usually retailers of high end eyewear stock limited pairs of each item and want the most display impact for these accessories. Our wall mounted sunglass and eyewear displays can be affixed to a wall at eye level so consumers can easily view the frames on offer. The wall mounted eyewear displays are fitted with frame rods so each individual fame is highlighted. These are made to order displays and can be customized to suite your needs. Price points range from $920 - $3,000

Sunglass and eyewear display props - Props come in the form of risers or display heads and are small enough to be used on a counter top or inside a display case. They are great for featuring a single pair of glasses or for promoting sale items and new product releases. Price points range from $48 - $100

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