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Clothes Hangers



Although often neglected and rarely respected, clothes hangers can make or break an apparel merchandising story within a retail store environment. Indeed such seemingly obscure items are actually a tacit testimony of overall business quality, much as silverware tells a story about a restaurant.

Everyone probably uses hangers for their clothing every day but give little thought to them. In retail sales realms, however, such hangers are among the most important promotional items on the sales floor. Put yourself in a customer's place for a moment. Suppose you were out on an afternoon shopping spree with friends and saw a dress that seems to have your name written all over it. You go to the rack, turn it over several times, and want to try it on. Perhaps it was the cut, color, and pattern of the fabric. More than likely, though, the way it was hung is most attributable to your initial attraction. Do you really think your reaction would have been the same if the dress had been folded and lying on a table or sagging from an ordinary hanger by one strap? Of course not! The above described scenario should go to show that clothing hangers are powerful tools that can help boost retail apparel sales when utilized in the correct way.

Eye Catching Displays

Close attention to detail is a crucial element of effective merchandise displays. Even "trivial" items such as clothes hangers used to exhibit a garment must be considered to get the best results.

While planning store displays, clothing hangers are probably the last thought on your mind. It is vital not to neglect them, however.

Proper presentation on hangers has a huge impact on prospective buyer reactions. When displayed in their best light, customers are more likely to buy the garments. Several variables hold sway to dictate the best type of hangers for your particular business. Clothing type, cost and general style of existing displays are primary points to ponder.

Coat hangers and wooden hangers, for instance, are a good investment to display heavier items whilst hangers that have clips are ideal to display trousers and skirts.

Flock covered coat hangers offer dual advantages of padding and an elegant touch. As such, they are perfect to exhibit dainty things like lacy lingerie or wedding gowns.

Wood hangers are very sturdy and have far more strength than metallic analogues. This makes them the best choice for bigger, bulkier garments like heavy winter coats.

Do not forget about the fact that clothes hangers are available in a vast array of sizes and shapes. Take both issues into consideration when trying to assess which hangers are best able to showcase your merchandise in the best overall light. For instance, hangers equipped with built-in plastic shoulder pads, indents, or small hooks may be very effective to impart a natural look to the display that grabs your customers' attention.

A little-known fact is that consumer behavior plays a role in dictating the best type of hangers for your establishment. If, for example, clothing shoppers often ask to keep the hangers on which their selections were hung, you might have to replenish your supply regularly. In that case, opting for cheaper metal or plastic hangers is most cost efficient.

Whatever hanger type(s) you ultimately opt to use, be sure that all items in each category have a uniform look. An even more essential matter is to ensure that hanger style(s) blend in well with your shop’s underlying theme.

For instance, if you have many wooden fixtures like wall displays, shelves, or middle racks installed, it may be logical to go with wooden hangers.

If you like colored hangers, you'll find options in our flocked or plastic designs. Basic black is an old-time standby that matches anything.

You should also give careful thought to the appearance of individual items before hanging or otherwise displaying them in your shop. It might be prudent to iron out any wrinkles prior to displaying garments, for instance; buyers like a crisp, luxurious look of freshness.

Strategic placement of mannequins may also be employed to draw visual focus to certain items of apparel. You could, for instance, dress a given mannequin in a certain color but place it adjacent to items of contrasting colors in order to display all available options at a glance. Also pay close attention to all details in order to ensure a neat, easily-shopped store environment. All garments should be pre-sorted by color and size, while all hangers should be facing the same direction.

Grid partitions are also a useful addition to any retail clothing display. They can be positioned to showcase specific garments, place apparel selections in direct view of customers, and suggest combinations of multiple items.

Even better is the fact that grid walls are easily removed for rearrangement to produce different display formats that catch buyers' eyes and compel them to enter your premises and ensure lots of repeat patronage.

Well-planned retail clothing displays with well-chosen clothes hangers can be restocked easily and used to maximize merchandise visibility and shopping pleasure for your customers. You might be amazed at the degree to which well hung clothing directly impacts sales volume.

Subastral, Inc. offers a refined assortment of wooden hangers designed with durability and quality in mind. Made with nothing but the best materials and time proven designs, our clothes hangers are guaranteed to serve the purpose for which they were produced - protecting and facilitating optimal organization of your garment inventory. High quality is the feature that cinches our clients' ability to rest in the assured knowledge of having chosen well!

To pick the very best hangers for your merchandise, you are well-advised to consider the garment weight they must support, and other such factors. Our wooden hangers are the best option for relatively heavy garments like coasts and jackets, whilst our range of flocked hangers with felted surface are best for delicate items like lingerie. Trousers and multi-piece coordinates are best displayed on wooden hangers that have built-in clips and bars of which we carry a wide variety.

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