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Floor Standing Sign Holders


Floor standing sign holders provide a simple and effective means for on-the-spot communication with retail customers and for announcing information and instructions to attendees at trade show events and group gatherings as well as within the hospitality industry.

An invaluable resource for point of sale advertising, sign holders can be used to target specific products or publicize the availability of new product lines and brands within reaching distance of the actual items. This represents one of the most immediate, direct and compelling sales promotion tool available to the business owner.

Sturdy metal bases support the frames into which the most commonly sized graphic formats (standard US and European) can be slotted. The slots, located at the top or side of the frame allow graphic cards to be easily slid into place in a single or double sided arrangement. Each sign holder is free-standing allowing it to be located in the optimal position to direct attention where it is required.

The easy mobility of a stand-alone sign holder allows you to communicate site-specific messages making it perfect for use in retail stores, service centers, the hospitality industry, trade-shows and banks etc.

Our floor standing sign holders can also be accessorized for added utility with the (optional) addition of literature holders. These wire baskets can be hung from the graphic frame and filled with take-away tri-fold leaflets etc.

For the next level of free standing signs our digital display provides the means to deliver more complex and engaging messages.

If you have any questions regarding our floor standing sign holders please feel free to contact a member of our sales team.

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