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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Retail Clothing Racks


Browse our wide selection of wholesale retail clothing racks and garment racks for store display and home use. Choose fixtures and store supplies that combine style, function and affordability!

At Subastral we supply range of clothing racks which balance practical utility with outstanding visual presentation. In fact, many of our retail clothing racks are also part of an integrated display system that allows you to create a coherent, overall retail store scheme. In this regard, our Alta display and Bauhaus collection or pipeline clothing rack fixtures and ladder display system provide a full range that work together.

In addition to well-balanced designs, our collection of retail clothing racks are made of steel for strength, stability and long term service. Practical features are also incorporated into our clothes racks including casters for easy repositioning which can be locked once the fixture is in place, plus a choice of satin or polished chrome finish which makes for a clean, stylish appearance.

Clothing display racks are essential for displaying and organizing retail apparel, making it easy to sort style, color and size options or for grouping discount and sale items when necessary plus of course providing easy solutions for store merchandiser and an easy browsing experience for the customer.

As well as providing the practical solution for merchandise organization and display, retail clothing racks are important for the protecting and storing hanging apparel. Whether it is in the stock room, design atelier or on retail floor, valuable merchandise should hang clear from the floor to avoid damage and wrinkles that could devalue the product. Every item should also be correctly supported with an appropriate clothes hanger to maintain its shape.

When displaying apparel for sale within your boutique or clothing store, keep in mind the following tips – they may help you pin down the right clothing display racks for your needs.

For storing and protecting back stock on hangers, a sturdy Z-rack with casters is probably the best solution. It holds a large quantity of merchandise and, as a rolling garment rack, it can be wheeled around the sales floor when it's time to restock. Round racks, two way and four way racks are essentially fixed point gondola merchandisers as well as the single rail and double rail garment racks, all of which are designed to integrate into the retail floor display scheme. The forms of these retail clothing racks vary little but are available with varying details of styling and finish to coordinate with different retail schemes, contribute to the overall impression of the store and enhance the shopping experience.

The retail fixtures you choose for your boutique, will project the image of your store and to a degree, contribute to the customer’s perception of your of merchandise quality. Because of this, your garment racks should reflect quality - never cry cheap! However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be affordable! And Subastral Inc is proud to boast quality retail store supplies at a prices that won’t blow your budget!

Also, when adding to your existing fixtures try and maintain consistency. Match retail clothing racks that are made with the same or similar style, colors and materials to existing racks to maintain overall visual cohesion on the sales floor.

Evaluate the size of the available space in your store - you'll understand better how you can use racks to make the best use of your store's floor space. Be sensible, don’t over crowd! Quite apart from creating an oppressive, cramped and confusing space it creates a security issues that can lead to increased stock losses. Ideally, the right garment rack will display hanging merchandise and free up more space for your other products.

At Subastral Inc. our display racks are manufactured to the highest industry standards to assure customer satisfaction. Every design is created for efficient function and with a sense of refined style to provide the most dependable store display rack fixtures to meet your merchandising needs. If you have any questions regarding our products please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


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