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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Belt, Tie & Hat Displays


Revolving rack displays are suitable for use in a number of retail settings and can be applied to the display of broad range of products. The revolving rack has multi-purpose versatility and can be used variously as a tie display, a belt rack and scarf display. It also has the capacity to display and organize a range of packaged or card mounted accessories in an efficient and logical manner that will benefit both the customer and retailer.

When used as a tie display or for a belt display, our revolving racks offer functional simplicity combined with instant presentational boost; the decorative features of our revolving racks enable the presentation of the merchandise with a visually appealing flourish that enhances the sense of value and the overall shopping experience.

Merchandising hats for retail requires a fixture with a more singular purpose, for this we supply hat display racks. Our hat display is available in two forms, the floor standing hat display stand and the wall mounted hat rack.

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