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Hat Display


For the millinery retailer, hat display is an important element for organizing, promoting and protecting expensive merchandise. While a large number of retail store owners may tend to focus on features like tables, shelving, lighting, register stands and the general store ambience, purpose designed displays for hats may be something of an afterthought.

As important as these general features all are, if the aim is to capitalize on your potential for sales (and it is!) then it is worth considering the many ways to display hats for retail. Well displayed retail stock is the essence of in-store marketing; it is what will set your store apart from the competition and will prove itself in the most meaningful way - at the checkout!

In plain terms, good visual merchandising and display equals sales!

Hats are a lucrative area of the fashion accessories market, with the potential for year round sales. After years in the doldrums, hats have found their way back as an important component of a well equipped wardrobe. From protective summer hats to winter head warmers and essential fashion items that provide style regardless of the season!

Efficient retail hat display fixtures should make merchandise easily accessible to customers, enhance visibility and ultimately promote the stock. At Subastral Inc., we carry a range of display fixtures that reflect the various requirements of different hat retailers. The array of options are described below:

Single hat display stands are primarily used for premium merchandise that requires an extra degree of gentle handling. Quality millinery should be displayed with care to ensure they do not become misshapen or stretched-out from hanging on wall hooks. These more valuable stock items also deserve a lower density of presentation to allow the customer to focus on the quality and details, which might otherwise be lost in a crowded environment. Our countertop hat display fixtures are designed with fabric covered hat forms to protect your precious merchandise and the adjustable height stand allows you to position your display perfectly.

For more fast-fashion oriented items and baseball caps etc. we carry a number of options to suit both your retail environment and your budget. For organizing multiple items, our floor standing baseball cap display rack has 12 tiers with the capacity to hold up to 12 stacked items on each tier. Alternatively, for all-around browsing convenience our rotating hat display stand provides high visibility for the customer and uncomplicated restocking and merchandising for the retailer

We also supply slatwall; another versatile solution for in-store retail hat display. Slatwall hat display accessories are available and can be used in conjunction with perimeter slatwall or used with free standing slatwall gondola units. A variety of additional accessories can also be utilized for this purpose aside from the standard hat display bracket; these include slatwall shelves and baskets etc.

Display tables are another simple solution for displaying hats and at Subastral Inc we supply a full range of retail tables including nesting tables and even pedestals all of which will support hat display stands or stacked merchandise.

For very valuable stock items such as haute couture, hat display becomes a balance between providing maximum visibility for the customer, harmonized with the safekeeping of the stock. Although we don’t carry a specifically designed hat display case, many of our display cases are suitable for the purpose and include locking doors and internal lighting to enhance the presentation of the merchandise.

We hope you are able to locate the right display fixtures to suit your business from the wide variety of hat displays available on our website. Subastral Inc’s collection of racks, stands and display cases are in stock and ready to ship (* please note some of our display cases are made to order and require an approx 3 week lead time). If you have any questions regarding any of the products you see here, please feel free to contact us.

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