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Welcome to Subastral Inc, your online destination for quality display equipment. We provide exceptional value for money with our range of products that incorporate function, durability and visual display aesthetics. We are always eager to assist so please feel free to call and speak with one of our representatives with any questions you may have.

From our online catalog you can now select from our ever-growing range of products that include retail apparel display fixtures, showcases for trophies and awards and merchandising solutions for jewelry and artifacts.

Our store fixture products are specifically designed to improve your stores image, combine excellent organization with effective merchandising tools and provide durability and value for money.

At Subastral Inc we understand your goal is to have an attractive, organized and accessible retail display to compliment your presentation, promote your products and facilitate your sell-through.

We provide convenient options for your store display, organization and storage needs. Shop from our range of high quality retail equipment with designs ranging from elegant, vintage inspired fixtures to custom made wood display cases and sleek contemporary designs that are beautiful furniture items in their own right.

We also supply the very highest quality genuine wrought iron jewelry displays which are available in an array of styles including necklace holder displays, earring display racks, bracelet display stands and ring display fixtures.

At Subastral Inc you will discover our stylish range of store fixtures and retail display products and experience how our products can enhance and simplify your retail presentation. You can shop with confidence at Subastral Inc as we take pride in and guarantee excellent quality, prices, service in addition to some of the most competitive shipping rates in the industry.

Browse our range of glass retail display cases to suit every purpose and to harmonize with various tastes, styles for displaying merchandise or for exhibiting trophies in schools, colleges and universities.

Shop our range of easy to assemble knock-down display cases that are made to the highest quality standards in the industry. We supply cases made from wood, aluminum and durable melamine laminate available in a range of wood style finishes. We also supply exquisitely fashioned wooden display cases made from genuine oak and incorporating all the features of fine furniture. The display cases are fitted with tempered glass for strength and durability many feature internal illumination for accentuating the contents

Display Cases

Display Cases For jewelry

Jewelry display cases are the most efficient and attractive way to display highly valuable items including precious metals, gemstones, watches and artifacts. We supply a variety of case styles for jewelry display from floor-standing to countertop cases and many are fitted with internal illumination to accentuate and promote the contents as well as being fitted with security locks for peace of mind.

As leaders in the field of store fixture supply we pride ourselves on providing a range of retail displays and visual merchandising products that will meet your needs and suit your budget. We have a reputation for providing outstanding retail display products for transforming the face of your business. In an industry where visual branding is the key to setting yourself apart from the competition you can depend on Subastral Inc to supply elegant and refined retail displays, designed for maximum efficiency and visual impact.

At Subastral Inc you can choose from a variety of stylish display fixtures to suit your retail style. Our range includes; garment racks, display cases, dress forms and jewelry displays. We carry a broad range of specialist fashion retail display fixtures to choose from and knowledgeable staff to assist and advise you in your planning process.


Retail Displays

Subastral Inc provides store displays and retail fixtures to transform the face of your business and enhance store organization and simplify retail merchandising. Our store displays are selected for quality, design and maximum utility with customer satisfaction our standard measure of our success.

A well executed retail plan with well coordinated store fixtures will optimize the commercial potential of a space as well as storing, organizing and artfully presenting merchandise and we at Subastral Inc are a one stop resource, providing solutions for displaying a wide range of products in retail boutiques, offices, schools and etc.