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Headless Female Mannequins


Our headless female mannequin forms are modeled with true-to-life detail and set in a variety of animated poses to model your merchandise with vivid realism. Mannequins that are designed to promote and display women's fashions with optimal presentational effect. In fact, when it comes to retail display, mannequins are unbeatable for advertising the full appeal of an outfit and for creating entertaining tableaux on the sales floor and in window displays.

Each headless female mannequin is constructed from durable fiberglass and in many cases, options exist for a glossy or matte finish. Every form is set on sturdy base with a stabilizing foot rod and some are designed with a calf support which enables footwear to be incorporated into the display. To make dressing the forms easy the torsos are created with detachable components including arms, hands and legs and using simple twist and lock fittings. The naturally proportioned female mannequins feature bust, waist and hip sizes reflecting the common height to body ratios most frequently used to enhance the fit of apparel for retail display.

Available in a variety of poses including seated, standing, walking, bent arm and folded arms, headless female mannequins provide a neutral frame for focusing attention on the clothing being displayed. For dependable quality and flawless styling our white headless female mannequin range embodies sleek aesthetics and functional designs for boutiques seeking a practical merchandising solution combined with a luxury look and all at an affordable price.

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