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Display Cases


Our display cases provide the perfect means for organizing and displaying high value and fragile items that require high visibility and increased security. Designs that include traditional styling with cornices and moldings, constructed with real wood veneers or sleek contemporary styles made with anodized aluminum hardware and smart melamine laminates.

Offering a wide selection of pre-assembled glass display cases to suit your needs and interior décor, Subastral Inc.’s styles are made with wood, metal, tempered glass and durable laminates plus locks and internal lighting options for clear viewing. Our broad array of display case designs include cabinets for showcasing retail products and for exhibiting trophies and awards in a protective dust-free environment in schools, colleges and the workplace.

Display cases are an important component for visual merchandising retail products and for enclosing and protecting artifacts, collectibles and awards for businesses, schools and institutions. Our elegant designs provide an excellent way to showcase items that require such a protective environment especially valuable merchandise such as watches, perfumes, jewelry and artifacts. A wide variety of articles can accommodated with adjustable shelf heights, kept secure with locking doors and lit to perfection with internal illumination. Plus, many of our units can used in a modular fashion with other cabinets to define your in-store floor plan and placed strategically to direct the flow of your customers through the retail space.

With some of the best prices in the industry you're sure to find what you are seeking within our extensive line whether it is a small countertop display case for bijouterie or one of our large display cases with adjustable height shelves for celebrating varsity achievement.

Our displays are built to the highest industry standards and provide features for safety, security and convenience combined with sturdy, attractive designs that incorporate tempered safety glass, adjustable height shelves, locking doors and internal illumination including LED strip and spotlights for greater energy efficiency.

For the more effective displays and exhibits, consider the following user tips:

Choose a prominent location: Typically, it is a good idea to place your display case in a prominent location within your retail space. A well-merchandised case situated in a prominent location in your store is a powerful sales marketing tool. It will attract consumer interest and draw customers in, just like a well-dressed window display attracts the attention of those who might otherwise just walk past.

Avoid over-crowding. When it comes to display, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Good retail merchandising means achieving the correct density of merchandise. In other words, you don’t want to cram too much in the case but you don’t want to leave a case looking sparse either. A cluttered case might visually confuse a customer, but a display case that it left looking half-empty won’t attract customers much at all. Balance is key.

Leverage the power of positioning. Placing cases at different points within your retail space will have different effects. For example, when positioned at your cash wrap or point of sale, a display case can capitalize on the psychological tendencies that drive people to purchase by appealing to impulse. Placing your display case at your cash wrap, will encourage your customers to buy the items you want to sell once they're already in a frame of mind to buy and pay. You also want to consider in-store customer traffic flow when positioning your display cases to fully utilize the routes a customer may take while moving throughout your retail space. For example, if you know that your customers are likely to come in to get one or more specific products, you can employ showcases to control the flow of traffic and expose them to products you wish to promote.

For more information about any of our products you see here, or if you do not find what you are seeking, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff who will be happy to help.

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