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Round Clothing Racks


Round clothing racks are designed for merchandising large quantities of hanging apparel on the sales floor or for protecting and storing apparel within the stock room. Built from sturdy tubular steel, round clothing racks provide the necessary strength and stability to meet the everyday demands of a busy retail environment.

The ability to hold and display a large array of hanging apparel in a condensed hub without relinquishing an excessive amount of precious retail floor space is the one of the great conveniences of this style of retail fixture. Many of our round clothing rack designs also have the advantage of height adjustable legs (by push button at 3"settings) allowing the hangrail to be set for perfect browsing access and to match the merchandise (taller for coats, shorter for pants and skirts etc). Options are also available to customize the clothes rack with the addition of wire basket ‘toppers’ or circular shelves. The wire baskets can be used for merchandising accessories in a ‘dump table’ fashion and the shelf toppers, which can be purchased in tempered glass or melamine laminate, are perfect for positioning promotional signs or torso forms that draw attention the items hanging on the rail below. Casters are another option which can be added to the display rack to facilitate easy repositioning when necessary. These optional wheels include two locking casters to stop the clothing rack from drifting from its position once it has been put in place.

Durable materials are used in the manufacture of these retail fixtures, including a tubular steel frame which provides the necessary strength combined with attractive, protective chrome or black powder-coated finish.

The round metal clothing rack is a solid industry favorite because its simplicity and because it provides years of dependability. It also offers easy browsing/shopping experience for your potential customers. For this reason, the round clothes rack is an indispensable fixture of fashion apparel retailers large or small and should play an integral part within any retail clothing store floor scheme. It is also the perfect display stand for grouping sales and discounted items in response to seasonal trends.

If you have any questions regarding our round clothing racks, please feel free to contact us we are always happy to help!

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