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Mannequin Wigs


Don’t forget about the mannequin’s wig! The right wig completes the look of a mannequin and effectively illustrates an outfit which in turn promotes sales! Today’s mannequin wigs offer a range of options and flexibility, providing you with the potential to create stunning displays that really get the attention you desire.

Choose from our high quality, synthetic hair wigs. Our wigs are easy to maintain and have a natural, realistic appearance that helps complete your display. Made with flexible scalps, they are simple to use, style and maintain. It takes only a minute to add the wig to the mannequin but the difference is compelling and you can change the look just as rapidly making it easy to experiment with looks until you achieve perfection. Matching the right wig to the outfit helps to pull off the look!

Browse our range of classic chic, on-trend or simple hairstyles. Consider the variety of lengths and colors we have on hand. Available color options include auburn, brunette, chestnut, brown, blonde, and much more in between. For a classic, feminine look, choose one of the longer mannequin wigs or for a younger, fresher look maybe go short! Whichever style you choose there is no doubt that the right mannequin wig will finesse the presentation of your display.

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