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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Boutique Displays


We carry several boutique clothing racks, including our Willow Collection, a series of display units that are perfect for merchandising clothing, accessories, books, literature, supplies, etc. the displays are designed to sit in the middle of a floor, against a wall or at a stairwell, escalator or elevator for optimum viewing. The fixtures are not only used in retail environments, but can be used in showrooms, hospitals, commercial locations and office settings. The displays can be used to organize and display product, as coat racks or as waiting room furniture. Other displays within our boutique fixtures line, include glass etageres, glass nesting tables, fixtures designed from metal plumbing pipes, as well as several of our satin finished racks and displays.

Boutique displays can really set the tone in any decor scheme. The ability for these fixtures to be adaptable is an important part of their appeal. The display styles range from multi use glass etagere display units, glass tables to corner units. Rounding out this category are a number of racks that will help you create a full display story.

Whether you are designing the layout for a retail store, outfitting an office environment, using fixtures for a gift shop, showroom or even your home, these displays are sure to enhance your presentation.

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