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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Children's Dress Forms


The ever-growing children's apparel and teen clothing market has expanded opportunities within the retail fashion market and the resulting demand for quality children's dress forms.

Child dress forms available from Subastral Inc are highly functional and tough designs made from carefully selected materials. Our child dress forms are designed with perfectly modeled child proportioned torso forms set on a height adjustable stands with casters for easy movement.

Each children's dress form is made with durable linen covering over a padded underlay which allows the merchandiser to pin apparel in place to display perfectly.

Subastral Inc's child dress forms also incorporate decorative vintage details that enhance the overall presentation of the merchandise without distracting emphasis from the items displayed.

The children's dress forms with the added display shelves provide the retailer with a platform to cross-promote accessories and coordinates in an elegantly integrated manner.

Subastral Inc's child dress forms are the fixtures of choice for retailers seeking to present merchandise in a simple but appealing way, one that expresses the quality of the merchandise, reflects the aspirations of the customer and provides enriched retail experience.

Recently we have expanded our children's display line to include children's mannequin forms ranging from size 2 years old to 12 years old. These children's mannequins are made from the same sturdy fiberglass construction you will find in the full size mannequins displayed in women's and men's retail stores. Our children's mannequins are great for pairing as a group or for displaying individually to promote new and sale items. They are not only affordable, but are durable and will last for years to come.

Also introduced are our pose-able kids forms more commonly known as moveable children's mannequin. These children's forms can be positioned into many poses to mimic many action poses. Each display comes with a silver top cap and can be used without the head if necessary. These forms are great for displaying complete outfits with hat, cap, scarves and various head wear.

Our standard forms are the classic and 3/4 kid's forms. These forms are perfect for use in any retail, trade show or showroom environment. Each display comes standard with top wood finial and matching base.

The children's clothing and accessory market is a billion dollar industry with parents actively seeking cool and hip merchandise for their little ones. These children's displays are the perfect prop to create eye catching merchandising stories for promoting and increasing sales to entice those consumers.

All of our children's form can be purchased as a group with discount pricing or as individual items, depending on your environment.

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