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Metal Clothes Hangers


Buying wholesale metal clothes hangers shouldn’t have to be a choice between quantity and quality. At Subastral Inc, we know how important budgeting is for your business. That’s why we are proud to offer high-quality metal hangers for all of your displaying, merchandising and transportation needs. Subastral Inc makes it simple and affordable to supply your business with long-lasting, durable metal clothes hangers that are designed to look great and stand the test of time.

One of the biggest concerns of purchasing inexpensive wholesale retail hangers is choosing the right material for longevity. Businesses that choose plastic or wooden clothes hangers sometimes find that these need to be regularly replaced as they are often damaged or broken. In many cases, it doesn’t take long for a wooden hanger to get chipped or dented and a plastic hanger to get cracked due to extended use.

Metal clothes hangers from Subastral Inc are built for durability and serving your business. They are designed to stay intact and have an easy-to-maintain chrome finish that keeps them looking fresh even as you use them over and over again.

Because space efficiency is an important part of product display and merchandising, our hangers are designed to maintain a slim-and-even profile without trading for strength and durability. You will find that whether displaying, stocking or transporting your merchandise, metal clothes hangers from Subastral Inc allow for an optimal use of space with a space-friendly, business-efficient design.

Non-slip hanger options for sheer fabrics and other delicate clothing help keep your products off of the floor while they are on display, in the stock room or during transportation. This saves your business the trouble of having to clean or treat merchandise that has slipped off of its hanger and gotten dirty or damaged in the process.

Perfect for product samples, trade shows, fashion shoots and general transportation, our metal hanger hooked hoop options make it quick-and-easy to bundle hangers together and provide secure and organized movement of your products. This allows for a speedy inventory and delivery of your clothing to and from their destination without having to worry about mixing up — and in some cases losing — your merchandise.

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