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Trophy Display Cases


The clean lined, contemporary styling of these trophy displays, trophy cabinets and trophy display cases are designed to maximize visual impact. These trophy cases are great for use within schools, commercial office settings, retail and home environments. Each of our trophy displays in both the standard category as well as the premium made to order category are configured with extras and enhanced features. They provide safety and security from careless handling without impeding visual presence, allowing easy to access convenience while enhancing the items on display.

Each of our trophy display cases are manufactured to the highest quality combining excellent design with value and utility. The displays are constructed with certain characteristics required within specialist environments. Our trophy displays are not only functional, but designed with the utmost considerations in mind.

These trophy cases are available in two categories - the standard line and the made to order line. Each category has features that are not only unique, but have a number of specifications to suit each individual locations needs.

Standard trophy display cases and trophy cabinets: Priced from $654 - $1,200 and available in a number of basic finishes, selected to accommodate any color scheme. This is a popular line of trophy cases that offer affordability with classic design and added features. Each standard trophy case is made using tempered glass and includes lock and lights. The most popular display within this line is trophy case #DWC, which has been used within schools, hospitals, etc. Equally popular is item #DSAGW4, a full glass display case/trophy case, which allows locations to position it within the center of a floor space for full 360 degree views. All standard trophy cases except for #DSGWC and DSGWCB will ship un-assembled, these are also the only two standard styles available in both 4ft and 6ft lengths, all other trophy cases are only available in 4ft. Assembly is available for all of our display cases upon request, please note freight charges will be at an increased rate as assembled items have to be crated, therefore altering the dimensions of the shipment. Storage cabinets are a feature available on a select few of our standard trophy displays and are great for storing documents and extra items.

Made to order trophy cases: Priced starting at $1,895 this line is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to trophy display cases. Each display is truly unique as pictured in its basic, orderable form, but can also be customized to fit individual needs - please note base prices will change with customization. Our made to order trophy displays are beautifully crafted by a team of talented craftsmen in our West Coast workshop. Production and delivery for these displays is approximately 3-4 weeks, as the utmost details are considered and the workmanship is a meticulous process when constructing each trophy case. Nine color choices are available in our made to order trophy case line, custom finishes are available upon request, a sample will need to be supplied by the customer for color matching. Locks are standard with all of these displays and top quality lights supply ample illumination.

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