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Gondola Shelving


Gondola shelving can make an excellent addition to your store, as it is an easy and durable way to display a range of different products and goods. Gondola shelves are freestanding units and are designed for merchandising the center portion of your store. However, wall units are also available. Want to learn more about the benefits of gondola shelving? Take a look!

Easy to assemble:Gondola shelving is quite easy to assemble and can be easily configured or adapted to meet your retail needs. Both double-sided and single-sided gondola shelving can be assembled and reassembled easily, which makes them great options to handle seasonal fluctuations in your inventory.

Durable: Gondola shelving is made from heavy-duty steel components to maximize durability. Because gondola shelving is both durable and sturdy, it is an ideal option for heavy load-bearing displays. Gondola shelving is an excellent investment. If it is properly cared for, it will wear very well and last for years to come.

Versatile:Gondola shelving is available as single sided or double sided. You can also purchase end caps, which finish off the ends of double-sided rows. The shelving backing is available as solid backing, slot wall backing, or grid wall backing. This ensures that your gondola shelving can be configured easily to create your ideal store layout in order to improve traffic flow and boost sales with attractive and organized product presentations.

Gondola shelving comes in a range of different styles and configurations, so there is bound to be an option that suits your needs.

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