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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Wall Display Racks


Subastral Inc. provides a comprehensive range of expandable, modular, wall display racks and wall systems to meet all of your in store merchandising needs. Wall display racks provide an attractive and convenient way to display merchandise of all types, directly on your walls, maximizing retail floor space and ensuring a clean, sleek look.

The goal of wall hanging displays and wall display racks is always to enhance the presentation of your merchandise while utilizing every inch of retail space. Keep in mind that the walls around the perimeter of your store are highly visible to customers; therefore, wall display racks should be an integral component of every visual merchandising strategy. Your walls are the first thing a customer will see when they enter your store, making this area prime merchandising real estate. At Subastral Inc, we provide a range of wall display racks to meet a variety of needs, including outrigger displays, wall hanging displays, and wall display fixtures. Designed to display everything from clothing, house wares to auto parts.

Wall Clothing Displays

Subastral Inc. offers an array of wall clothing displays to help ensure that all apparel items are displayed in a neat and visually compelling manner but are still accessible to browsing customers. We offer both waterfall display fixtures, which display products on a wall facing outward, as well as straight-arm wall fixtures. Both make the entire front of a garment visible to shoppers.

Waterfall Display Fixtures: A waterfall display fixture is a type of angled display fixture with an arm that is attached to a wall or some other kind of selling fixture. It allows merchandise to be displayed in a cascade, maximizing visibility. The waterfall feature tends to be best suited to tops, jackets, suits, and dresses.

Straight Arm Display Fixtures: Straight arm display fixtures are perpendicular to the wall, as opposed to angled, like waterfall display fixtures. They typically are affixed to a wall, though they might also be affixed to a selling floor fixture, and they are best used when there is a small amount of merchandise to be displayed.

Outrigger Displays

Outrigger displays can be described as a kind of derivative of standard wall-mounted clothing displays. Outriggers are posts that can be attached to the wall in your retail store, allowing you to create a clothing display that juts out from the wall. Typically made from either wood or metal with slotted standard backs facing the wall, an outrigger is an excellent way to add a bit of sophistication to your retail store. They also provide a greater degree of flexibility and can be used to highlight specific pieces of merchandise on the wall. Outrigger displays can be especially advantageous if you need to mount merchandise to an unstable wall, as the outrigger pulls the bearing of the weight and reduces the stress on the wall.

Outriggers can also be used to support lighted soffits, which is an excellent way to highlight specific pieces of merchandise. A soffit strip simply needs to be mounted to face the outriggers, and a lamp is then attached to the backside of the soffit.

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