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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Wall Display Racks


Subastral Inc. provides an extensive range of scalable, modular wall display racks and integrated shop wall display systems that we hope will meet your store merchandising needs. Our creative wall displays aim to make your clothing store layout as effective and functional as possible by incorporating your retail perimeter walls into the overall scheme without losing precious floor space.

Wall shelves and wall display racks provide a refined, convenient solution for organizing merchandise of every type, while minimizing retail floor clutter and ensuring a clean, sleek overall look.

The goal of perimeter wall retail display is always to enhance presentation of your merchandise while utilizing every viable inch of profitable store space. Keep in mind that the walls around the perimeter of your store are highly visible to your customers; therefore, wall display racks should be an integral component of every visual merchandising strategy. Your walls are the first thing a customer will see upon entering your store, in effect, making this area prime merchandising real estate. Our store wall display systems are designed to meet a wide variety of apparel merchandising needs, and provide the convenience and practicality and flexibility required for today’s fashion retailer.

Wall Mounted Clothing Display Racks

Subastral Inc. offers an array of retail wall fixtures to ensure that garments can be arranged and displayed in a neat and organized manner and, most of all, that they are accessible to browsing customers. We offer waterfall and straight arm wall mount display rack fixtures which provide the capacity for large quantities of garments, organized face-on for easy visibility as well as effortless browsing for locating size and color options.

Waterfall Display Fixtures: A waterfall display fixture is a type of angled display fixture with an arm that is attached to a wall or some other kind of selling fixture. It allows merchandise to be displayed in a cascade, maximizing visibility. The waterfall feature tends to be best suited to tops, jackets, suits, and dresses.

Straight Arm Display Fixtures: Straight arm display fixtures are perpendicular to the wall, as opposed to angled, like waterfall display fixtures. They typically are affixed to a wall, though they might also be affixed to a selling floor fixture, and they are best used when there is a small amount of merchandise to be displayed.

Outrigger Display

Wall mounted clothing display racks frequently need to adapt to the changing seasons and the type merchandise in stock and the outrigger display system provide ample opportunity to do that. The vertical posts are attached to the retail wall, allowing you to create a display system which projects outwards from the vertical. The frame for the outrigger display is made from metal with slotted sockets for add-on accessories enabling it be adapted and customized in multiple ways to accommodate changing merchandise needs. As well as providing practical convenience, these wall mounted clothing rack fixtures add an architectural element to your retail space. Once in place, this wall display system provides a great deal of flexibility and can support large volumes of merchandise. An additional benefit of this style of perimeter display is that an outrigger distributes the weight bearing away from the wall and onto the floor, as a result the display shelves and clothing rails can be stocked without worrying about the load bearing capacity of the wall.

Outrigger displays can also be used to support lighted soffits, which is an excellent way to highlight specific pieces of merchandise. A soffit strip simply needs to be mounted to face the outriggers, and a lamp is then attached to the backside of the soffit.

If you are seeking a specific wall mounted clothing rack for retail display or you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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