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Invisible Ghost Mannequins


Subastral Inc supplies high quality, female and male invisible ghost mannequins including full body, ¾ torso, ½ torso, plus-sizes and child and teenager sizes. Multiple features are available for the degree of segmentation so you can match the required options to suit your budget and needs. All of our forms are constructed from durable fiberglass and set on sturdy steel bases.

Invisible mannequins or ghost mannequins as they are commonly known are designed for visual merchandising and for catalog clothing photography.

Within an apparel retail store, ghost mannequins are perfect for displaying fashions with a degree of flare for more singular shopping experience. Removable sections including the neck, collar, arms, mid-riff, thigh and legs etc. enable apparel to be presented with the illusion of an invisible model.

In the competitive world of online fashion apparel retail, product presentation is of paramount importance. Ghost mannequins allow visible sections of the form to be removed eliminating the non-essential components of the image while proving the necessary understructure for garments to hold their shape. This allows you to focus your energy on the details that matter. This facility also streamlines the process of fashion clothing photography by saving a considerable amount time photo-shopping images to eliminate the irrelevant the visual components. Quick-fit, and magnetic joint sections also enable fast transitions during photo shoots.

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