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There is simply no other retail prop that can have as powerful of an impact as mannequins, which is why every mannequin should be outfitted with both skill and artistry. High-quality mannequins in your store can help your brand:

Drive sales. Consumers’ purchasing choices increasingly are visually driven. When it comes to promoting clothing of all types and styles, mannequins play a critical role in a crafting a compelling three-dimensional display by bringing a garment to life, visually engaging the customer, and driving sales.

Better communicate your brand’s value. Mannequins are very often the first things a customer notices when he or she walks into your store, and they play a powerful role in communicating your brand’s personality and values.

Leverage the power of cross-promotional merchandising. A mannequin is a prime opportunity to leverage the power of cross-promotional merchandising, allowing you to display perfectly coordinated outfits to encourage customers to buy more than one piece. For example, a skirt and blouse or jeans and a shirt can be paired with complementary accessories that are available for sale in your store.

Creating Effective Mannequin Displays:

A mannequin is one of the most valuable display tools available to fashion retailers. Some careful thought about how display mannequins are used and positioned can help retail stores attract more customers as well as influence how much money they spend on clothing and accessories.

Use full sized-mannequins for window displays. There is a range of mannequins available, including full-sized and life-like models along with stylized designs that focus on specific body parts. For window displays, the best option is almost always life-sized models, as they provide you with an excellent opportunity to showcase complete outfits that can be used to draw customers in from the street.

Opt for body-type-specific mannequins for the shop floor. Body-type-specific mannequins tend to be better suited for the shop floor, as they don't take up as much space as full-sized mannequins and can be placed on rails or on top of shelves.

Ensure that the mannequin style aligns well with your overall brand image. A silver stylized model provides a much more contemporary look than a flesh-color model with a realistic face. Choose your mannequins based on your shopper demographics and the messages you would like to deliver to your customers.

Place your mannequins wisely. Where in your store you choose to put your mannequins can make a significant difference. They could be positioned next to specific product lines so that customers are sure to get a good look of your latest collection. Another idea is to have a display in the center of the store, acting as a kind of focal point that will entice shoppers into the store when they pass by the door. Mannequins should be placed in a prominent location; however, you don't want them blocking any of the main walkways around your store.

Raise your mannequins off the ground using plinths. Elevating your mannequins will allow shoppers to see your displays from across the store, improving visibility.

When it comes to mannequins, there are so many possibilities. Placing and dressing mannequins in a way that aligns with your brand image and appeals to your target demographic will drive sales and improve your bottom line. Whether you would like to redo your shop displays, encourage customers to buy more merchandise, or showcase your latest collection, mannequins can play an invaluable role.

Subastral Inc. supplies a wide array of display mannequins, including full-body mannequins, body-type-specific mannequins, and headless mannequins, for all your retail needs. We carefully select and curate a mannequin collection, ensuring that we provide the highest-quality products that combine affordable pricing with superior functionality. Our high-quality mannequins can be used for staging artistic window displays as well as showcasing merchandising apparel.


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