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Tower Display Cases


Glass tower display cases are well suited for presenting valuable and fragile items of merchandise as well as awards and artifacts while providing a high degree of security and accessibility. The tall display cabinet has a large height to base ratio that maximizes display capacity yet requires a relatively small amount of retail floor space. The compact ‘footprint’ of this narrow display cabinet style makes it a great choice for environments with tight space constraints. Each case can be used as a free-standing fixture enabling 360 degree close proximity viewing from all four sides. It can also be placed against a wall or grouped with other store display cases in a modular fashion to create an integrated retail scheme (many of our tower display case designs are made here in the USA so we can produce items to coordinate with our other cabinets).

These tall cases are designed to show-off your items with excellent visibility and a heightened presentational value. Whether it is to display merchandise for retail, such as jewelry and gift items or for exhibiting collectibles, prized artifacts and awards our tower showcases provide a number of features to improve the standard of your display:

Internal illumination creates the perfect lighting for showcasing items and optional micro spot side lights can be installed to further enhance your presentation if required. All of our glass tower display case fixtures are fitted LED lights. LED lights are the preferred energy efficient light source and a firm favorite among jewelry retailers because of its neutral spectrum and ability to make items sparkle appealingly.

Adjustable height shelves provide additional convenience enabling items of various sizes to be accommodated. This allows the items on display to avoid appearing cramped or overcrowded. For very large items, shelves may be removed to create more useable space.

Security locks are a standard feature on our tower display case doors to ensure valuable items can be housed protectively. As well as the locking display cases, locking base storage cabinets are integrated in several designs, and are an additional option for several more. These securable cabinets are convenient for storing back-stock and for stowing precious items out of sight when not on display.

Attention to safety. We recognize that safety is an important consideration as these cases are most often located in the public sphere such as a school, office or a commercial environment. For this reason tempered safety glass components are used throughout to minimize the potential for serious injury.

Premium materials are incorporated into each glass tower display case we supply. In addition to tempered safety glass we use hard-wearing melamine laminates, warm natural wood veneers, anodized aluminum components and heavy duty chrome finish hardware.

Design and style are paramount considerations in the field of visual display. To this end, the designs of our tower display cases reflect our strong commitment to function, detail and aesthetics. Choose from our traditional wood finish, tower display cases that incorporate cornices, moldings and cabriole legs or if you seek a more contemporary, modern style, browse the numerous sleek lined cases we supply. As well as black, white and wood laminate finishes, we can produce custom colors to suit your every requirement. Our elegant and modern styles include round display cases and hexagon display case styles as well as the glass to glass ‘frameless’ style of case. Our more contemporary options include laminated decks that can be upgraded to mirror decks and interior mirror panels that can be installed in place of the clear rear panel. This enhancement makes the most of available natural light, provides a greater illusion of depth and stock quantity and allows the rear of the items to be viewed in reflection.

Practical details are built into our glass tower display case designs including a choice of casters or levelers. Maneuvering and repositioning these fixtures is facilitated with the installation of base casters. Alternatively base levelers provide the means to compensate for an uneven floor so the tower will stand with stability and be perfectly perpendicular.

Popular for commercial, corporate and in-home use, our tower display cases are to be found in gift shops and museums across the country and for housing collectibles at home as well as celebrating achievements in many a corporate reception area! A large proportion of our glass tower display cases are made to order right here in the USA and will ship fully assembled. Please note, the lead time to make, ship and deliver these items, is usually around 3 weeks. Others require no lead time at all and are in stock and ready to ship please read the product details for this information.

If you have any questions regarding any of the products you see here, or if you do not find what you are seeking, please feel free contact us by phone or email perhaps we can help!

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