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Female Mannequins


In the world of retail apparel, female mannequins are the in-house fashion models of the industry. Female mannequins can be pressed into action at a moment’s notice to showcase new clothing lines and can be outfitted to cross-promote a wide range of fashions and accessories on offer throughout the retail store.

Store mannequins allow boutique owners to incorporate retail merchandise into the visual scheme of the sales floor and create decorative narratives promoting specific outfits. This capability is the very essence of brand projection and in-store marketing.

A female mannequin display brings fashion apparel to life with a combination of fantasy and theater that no other retail fixture can beat!

Here at Subastral Inc, we carry a range of female mannequins suitable for retail store display, window displays and for modeling clothing for fashion catalog photography. Browse our series of abstract female mannequin styles which are available in white, black, matte or gloss. These mannequins are stripped of detail, to neutralize peripheral distraction and increase focus on the apparel being displayed. Featuring blank ovoid heads, these mannequins are often referred to as egg head mannequins. Our semi abstract mannequins are not entirely devoid of detail; instead they are modeled with features which are simplified or stylized to varying degrees of abstraction.

For convenience a number of our female mannequins are created with sculpted hair. This means they’re always in full feather with never a hair out of place! Our other mannequins are designed with bald heads which can be used bald and bare for a strikingly stark chic or customized with an array of mannequin wigs (available here) to create an endless parade of diverse personalities. This makes it possible to incorporate an element of harmony that matches the fashions with the characters displaying them!

Several of our female mannequins also include articulated components; specifically a head that can rotate to any angle or hinged, jointed arms that can be set in any position. This allows for two or more mannequins to be grouped into an animated tableau of seemingly interactive characters which is perfect for creating visually engaging window displays.

For additional convenience, our female mannequins are designed with detachable hands, arms, torsos and legs. This makes them easy to dress and to dissemble for storage when not in use. Sturdy bases provide stability and a calf rod fitting enables shoes to be added to complete and outfit for display. Please be aware that mannequins which attach to the base through the bottom of the heel will not accept footwear. However, these styles usually feature molded footwear with heels.

An elegant high gloss or soft matte finish in a choice of black, grey or white create a perfect backdrop for retail clothing display but we also supply flesh tone, realistic mannequins, headless female mannequins, plus size mannequins, and sitting mannequins.

Unless otherwise stated all our female mannequins are in stock and ready to ship nationwide. If you have any questions or need assistance making your choice, please feel free to call and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable employees who will be happy to advise.

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