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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Female Abstract Mannequins


Finely modeled and set in highly functional poses, our female mannequins in white-finish define contemporary sophistication. Subastral Inc’s full body female mannequins made in the egg head mannequin or abstract mannequin styles, are the perfect neutral canvass for creating attractive, attention getting retail displays; displays that will enhance the presentation of your retail apparel without competing with the merchandise or other elements of your retail scheme.

Our floor standing female mannequins are simple to use. Each female mannequin is easy to assemble and take apart for rigging, and the naturalistic poses are well-suited for creating charming vignettes that will get your products noticed. These affordable and stylish female mannequins are the gold standard of in-store retail marketing for fashion apparel. No other retail fixture exerts a more powerful influence than the female mannequin. The physical in-the-round display of apparel that follows the curve of the human form cannot be achieved on the rack. Well merchandised female mannequins have the power to model your merchandise with perfection and measurably boost sales of displayed items.

At Subsatral Inc we stock a tasteful and affordable range of displays carefully selected for quality and style. Our female clothing displays radiate feminine grace and manifest a stylish presence that will enhance any retail floor or widow display.

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