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Poseable Mannequin


Poseable mannequin displays will model fashion apparel in a variety of poses and are used to best effect to animate and illustrate merchandise in amusing and eye-catching ways. Popular with retailers for showcasing apparel for in-store display and for professional photographers for modeling apparel for catalogs etc.

We carry full body poseable mannequin forms made in fiberglass which feature articulated couplings for all the major joints including legs, arms, knees, elbows and neck or partially articulated mannequin forms in which only the arms are poseable. Several of these feature faux wood arms with fully poseable hands including movable fingers, thumbs and wrist joints.

We also stock flexible mannequin forms made from dense foam with a jersey fabric covering. These forms have bendable arms and legs and the foam core so fabrics can be pinned in place for optimal effect.

Poseable mannequins provide infinite creative expression for your retail floor displays and store windows. Create action poses or combine multiple mannequins to construct visually engaging tableaux where the figures appear to ‘interact’. These versatile forms are available in male, female and child sizes and are ideal for fashion apparel and active wear including sports and outdoor.

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