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Retail Display Shelves

Retail Display Shelves:

In retail you can never have too much storage space or display space and retail display shelves provide the perfectly simple solution for both storage and multiple product merchandising. Display shelves balance organizational needs with customer accessibility and are easy to configure within a store display scheme. Shelves provide the capacity to be stocked with a broad range of general merchandise, including folded apparel and serried rows of beauty products etc. This enables the retailer to organize substantial quantities of merchandise - color and size options etc including reserve stock on the retail floor which is a great advantage when stock room space is limited.

In addition to being the practical solution for storing and displaying substantial quantities of merchandise, retail display shelves provide the perfect means to showcase home wares and décor items which can be elegantly arranged on a shelf unit for maximum visual impact.

At Subastral Inc we supply a variety of display shelves to meet the differing needs of the retailer. The ever popular slatwall display shelves are designed enable the perimeter walls to be put to use with minimal loss of floor space and also include freestanding units that may be configured in multiple ways. Each shelf is height adjustable and they can be added to or taken away as required. In addition to these we also supply various, gondola shelving units which provide the convenience for quickly merchandising with stock and easy customer access to allow browsing from every angle. Several options provide shelves in combination with hang rails for greater promotional effect for folded, stacked apparel.

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