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Mannequin Torso Forms


The mannequin torso form is an enduringly popular retail display and merchandising fixture because of its simple-to-use functionality. Torso mannequins are quickly dressed and as they are made using light and durable fiberglass - they are easy to maneuver and reposition as necessary. Our mannequin torsos mannequin legs and butt forms are skillfully modeled and available in female or male body styles. Each mannequin torso is set on a metal stand with a stylish, polished metal base which is height adjustable for additional functionality. The mannequin torso can be easily removed from the pole, allowing you to quickly merchandise pants, shorts, skirts, etc.

Mannequin torsos are perfect for displaying a variety of items including T-shirts and tops to dresses, lingerie and sportswear. At Subastral Inc we supply a choice selection of torso mannequin forms that are stylish and functional, for creating attractive in-store displays and for creating eye catching window displays.

The mannequin torso features a realistically modeled upper body form with arms. The torso extends as far as the mid-thigh on the legs and is a great alternative to the standard full body mannequin.

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