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Mannequin Torsos


Torso mannequin forms are important in-store promotional tools for fashion apparel merchandising. As with all mannequins, torso mannequins bring your clothing display to life; presenting your merchandise in three dimensions just as it would be worn in the round. This simple factor has proven to be a most effective form of advertising and sales promotion. Unlike full bodied mannequins however, torso mannequins allow you to direct focus onto upper body items such as shirts, blouses and jackets or scarves, necklaces and accessories.

Additionally, mannequin torso forms are comparatively compact and easy to work with. They can be moved around with the minimum of effort for positioning and can be easily placed on tabletops, shelves and countertops as well in window displays and are especially useful where space constrictions might limit the use of full body displays. This capability also allows the torso forms to be incorporated into the arrangement of stock on the retail floor, for instance a torso form may be placed on a display table or shelf surrounded by folded items of merchandise or set on a clothes rack or display gondola with hanging apparel organized below. Torso mannequins used in this way, enable customers to take in the merchandise at-a-glance and fully consider its potential. This straightforward approach exerts a persuasive effect on customer behavior, and positively impacts sales.

At Subastral Inc we supply a range of torso forms which are available in several styles including male and female upper torso mannequins, 2/3 torso mannequins (described below) and a choice of egg head or headless style. Options for surface finish include; black, white, glossy or matte. In addition to these, we also supply torso mannequins with arms which may be posed and these styles feature a fabric covering which can be pinned for dressing.

Our upper torso, half body mannequin is styled with a realistic physique and is truncated just below the waist. Removable arms provide convenience for dressing and a height adjustable stand enables the form to be set at the optimal height to suit your display. The female torso mannequin works as a bust form making it ideal for displaying lingerie and bras as well as T shirts tops and sportswear. The male torso form is also suitable for displaying sportswear as well as shirts, sweaters, sports jackets and casual wear. In addition to this, several of our torso mannequins are modeled with heads so they can also be accessorized with hats and wigs etc.

The majority of our 2/3 torso mannequins are modeled with heads and differ from the half body mannequins in that they extend below the waist to the mid thigh. This enables the display of lower body apparel such as dresses and skirts and because each thigh has a socket to fit the stand, it is also possible to display trousers, shorts and swimwear. In all other respects, these 2/3 torso mannequins are manufactured to the same high standards, including a realistically modeled physique made from durable fiberglass and set on a sturdy, height adjustable metal display stand. For many retailers, this style of torso mannequin is the preferred alternative to the full bodied form as it has the flexibility to be used as a floor standing display as well as a countertop display mannequin.

We also carry a male and a female invisible torso mannequin. This style is designed with removable segments including the neck, collar area and arms which effectively eliminate the visible parts of the mannequin, for this reason they are also frequently referred to as the ghost mannequin torsos.

At Subastral Inc, we pride ourselves on our affordable purpose-designed display torsos which are designed to meet the everyday demands of a retail merchandiser. If you have any questions regarding any of the styles you see here please feel free to call and speak with one of our helpful and knowledgeable sales associates.

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