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Male Dress Form


The male dress form is one of the most essential marketing tools of the men's fashion retailer and gentleman's outfitter. Male dress forms are key items of in-store promotional equipment with the proven ability to effect sales. All dress forms and mannequins share this distinct ability, but mens dress forms may have a more decisive influence as a result of the way men shop. Research shows that the male shoppers are far more susceptible to on-the-spot influencers than their female counterparts. Perhaps due to not being such savvy shoppers, men seek greater inspiration within the retail store, and what could be a more compelling advertisement than a visual embodiment of an outfit modeled by a male dress form?

At Subastral Inc we supply a select range of classic male dress forms that reflect traditional and contemporary elegance and which are made to standard size adult male measurements. Our forms are also crafted with design details that feature a variety of stylish hardware components; whether it is the contemporary brushed steel neck cap and base or the traditional wooden base with neck block and finial found on our classic mens suit form, there is a style within our range to suit your retail decor. Each male dress form is height adjustable on the base pole and for added function many of the torsos feature an extra, off-center socket for the base pole. This allows jacket and pants combinations to be displayed together as well as related coordinates and accessories, ties and coats etc for a truly versatile display form.

Like all the best clothing displays each torso is covered in a durable fabric (linen or jersey) over a padded underlay which allows outfits to be pinned and finessed for perfect fit and optimal presentation.

Our male apparel displays are the perfect fixtures in store retail display of both casual and formal menswear. Made with exquisite details and attractive styling, our mens dress forms are decorative items in their own right that can only enhance your retail scheme just as they promote your merchandise.

Also, with the ever increasing growth of online fashion retailers, male dress forms are the perfect props for product photography and catalog creation.

For additional men's clothing store fixture options please view our male mannequins.

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