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Mannequin Legs


Mannequin legs for displaying lower body apparel including, jeans, shorts, skirts and pants as well as for displaying hosiery along with knee high, thigh high and regular pantyhose, leg warmers, socks and footwear.

Compact, lightweight and freestanding mannequin legs are easy to use and require less space than a full bodied mannequin. Leg mannequins are easy to place on tables, counter-tops, shelves and in widow displays. In fact, for the specialist retailer of pants, skirts and lower body apparel, leg forms are the most cost effective display solution; providing the greatest value for money and avoiding the extra attention required to dress a full mannequin.

At Subastral Inc we supply mannequin legs for male and female apparel display plus single legs for leggings and sock display. We also stock Brazilian mannequin styles if a more curvaceous form is required.

Our mannequin legs are available in variety of standing and sitting poses, and in black, white, and flesh tones plus glossy or matte finishes. Choose from fiberglass models or the ‘unbreakable‘ style leg forms which constructed from injection molded polyethylene plastic. The latter, hollow forms are lightweight and easy to handle making them a popular choice for street fairs, trade-shows and festivals etc.

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