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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Male Headless Mannequins


Subastral Inc’s headless male mannequins are crafted for quality and priced for exceptional value. Available in a variety of naturalistic, functional poses and featuring an athletic build, our mannequin are enduring classics of the retail trade and a potent retail marketing tool. Our male mannequins are designed to be easily assembled and dismantled to facilitate dressing, merchandising and storing when not in use. Each full body headless male mannequin is also set on a stylish polished metal base with a durable calf support.

At Subastral Inc we offer a carefully selected range of skillfully modeled headless male mannequin displays. Our headless male mannequins are perfected for use in showrooms and window displays and are suitable for merchandising everything from formal to sports and beach wear.

No other retail display beats the male mannequin for bringing an outfit to life. The headless male mannequin animates apparel with an ‘every-man’ neutrality that exerts a powerful on-the-spot influence. We supply these mannequin displays to some of the most elite men’s apparel boutiques both large and small, across the USA.

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