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In the retail business, how a retailer chooses to display the products he or she is selling is just as important, if not more important, than the products he or she is selling. Store fixtures give shape and individuality to each retail store, ensuring that products are displayed and organized in an efficient and eye-catching manner. The bottom line is that the type of store display fixtures used, and the way in which products are displayed in them, can have a tremendous impact on a retailer’s success whether you are selling toys, electronics, or clothes. When choosing store fixtures for your business, it is crucial to choose high-quality fixtures from a reputable provider.

Flexible - The best retail fixtures are flexible enough to accommodate the specific design and layout of an individual retail store. The can be readjusted at a moment’s notice in order to adapt to changes in inventory, such as seasonal retailing cycles or changing fashion trends.

High quality - You want to choose store fixtures that both visually compliment your merchandise and enhance your merchandise’s appeal to customers. When display fixtures are of equal or greater quality than the products being displayed, you will add value to your products while also enhancing and adding to the overall look of the store.

Attractive - Remember, a retail space (such as a fashion boutique) is meant to be a place of entertainment and leisure. Customers should enjoy the overall shopping experience. That means that when choosing store fixtures you want to think about functionality and flair. Store fixtures should be attractive and trendy, and most importantly they should mesh with the retail culture and overall retail experience that you are trying to give the customer. When retail fixtures are well-chosen they serve as a powerful component of your visual merchandising strategy, helping you to ignite consumer desire and drive sales.

Retailers today make use of a range of different store fixtures to visually enhance and more effectively promote their merchandise, including display cases, slat wall fixtures, shopping bags and grid wall fixtures. Different types of fixtures serve distinct purposes, and can enhance the appeal of your merchandise in unique ways.

Gridwall and slatwall fixtures. Gridwall and slatwall fixtures both work to add space along the walls of a retail store. However, while slatwall uses portions of hardware and grooves, gridwall contains grid systems that can be linked with diverse display hardware. Accessories such as baskets, hooks, and shelves are some of the accessories that often accompany these displays, improving organization and display.

Hangers - When selling any kind of clothing or apparel, choosing the right hangers for your retail store is absolutely vital. You want to choose hangers that match the store’s overall look while also choosing hangers that match the attire being displayed while adequately protect it. Hangers are available in wood, fiberglass, metal and plastic.

Mannequins - Mannequins help to bring clothing to life by giving it some form and shape, enabling the shopper to visualize the on-body appearance of the clothing.

Display cases - Display cases are an especially important component of store fixtures when you are selling precious goods, such as jewelry. They not only enhance the visual appeal of the merchandise but also help to keep the merchandise safe. Display cases can be half-vision, full-vision, counter-top, pedestal, or oak structures. There is also an assortment of cases customized to display watches, rings, and necklaces. These come in a variety of materials such as wood, metal, and acrylic. All of these display items should be considered when planning any visual retail merchandising project.

Shopping bags - Shopping bags are one of the most important store fixture features though many retailers overlook them. Craft bags, shopping baskets, and holiday bags make the shopping experience much easier. As an added bonus, shopping bags are also a free form of advertising. The cost of having your name and logo printed on shopping bags is minimal compared to the branding and potential business it will generate for your store.

An investment in high-end store fixtures is a prerequisite expenditure for successful business. It is important to consider the quality of store fixtures you will use to display each and every product in your store in order to maximize the customer shopping experience, suit the surroundings and drive sales. At Subastral Inc, we provide a range of store display fixtures that are both elegant and affordable. Our high-quality store fixtures are suited to a range of different merchandising requirements and allow retail stores to create beautiful presentations that balance pragmatic needs with contemporary styling in order to create attractive retail settings. Providing store fixtures that offer unsurpassed quality and utility remains our ongoing commitment!


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