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Jewelry Showcases


At Subastral Inc., we know that a jewelry showcase is so much more than just a display cabinet. That is why we pride ourselves on providing high-quality jewelry showcases to meet an array of retail display needs, from high-end jewelry stores to museums and boutiques. Manufactured from the sturdiest materials, our jewelry showcases are specially crafted to ensure an excellent aesthetic and long lifespan.

An Impressive Array of Styles:

Classic Jewelry Showcases - We offer high-quality classic jewelry showcases, sometimes also called block showcases. Among the most popular style of jewelry showcase, these showcases provide a sleek, clean space to ensure that items are displayed in a way that is uncluttered and visually compelling. These classic showcases can easily be placed right next to each other to create a continuous, seamless look in retail spaces. The majority of classic showcase models also include drawers and shelves on the backside for convenient storage.

Jewelry Pedestals - Providing a range of high-quality pedestal showcases. Pedestal showcases are similar to our classic showcase options. However, pedestal showcases have a display area that is typically anywhere from 8 to 12 inches wider than the base of the display. Some pedestal showcase models also have a display case with two pedestals as opposed to just one.

Full Vision Jewelry Cases - Our full vision showcases boast a unique construction including a glass to glass design to minimize visual obstruction. This creates an aesthetic that is both clean and modern. Full vision showcases are an good option for a broad range of merchandise including art/artifacts, jewelry and watches.

Queen Ann Jewelry Cases - Queen Anne-style showcases are the perfect option for higher-end jewelry retailers. With all the stylistic hallmarks of traditional Queen Anne furniture, including an elegant cabriole legs and decorative moldings, these luxury display cases are an excellent way to add sophistication and flair to your retail environment.

Specialty Jewelry Cases - We know that every retailer has different display needs. That’s why at Subastral Inc. we also offer a range of specialty showcases to accommodate your retail store’s unique layout. For example, we provide clipped-corner cases to accommodate corners, turns, and angles in your retail store; freestanding cases that can be customized in octagonal, square, or rectangular shapes; and customized tower cases.

With so many showcases available in so many different sizes and styles, at Subastral Inc., you are bound to find the perfect high-quality case to meet your display needs.

Unrivaled Attention to Detail:

Lighting - Lights are a critical element of any jewelry showcase, ensuring that the merchandise is displayed in a well-illuminated environment so that the customer can easily see it. Jewelry that is well lit is perceived to be more attractive and more valuable. Jewelry showcases can be lit with either warm or cool lighting. There is a range of lighting options; however, jewelry showcases are most commonly lit by fluorescent lights, as these lights are economical and do not give off too much heat. Halogen lighting is also commonly used. A type of warm lighting, halogen lighting is an excellent way to make jewelry sparkle a bit more.

Locks - It is advantageous to include locks on your jewelry display cases to ensure that your merchandise is secure. Various locks may be added to display cases, including plunger locks and cylinder locks.

Finishes - Jewelry showcases can be finished to match the unique look and aesthetic of your retail space. Jewelry showcases are available in a number of finishes, as it is possible to use virtually any laminate out there to finish a showcase. You might consider anodized aluminum frames or classic wood grain, for example.

Let Subastral Inc. Meet Your Jewelry Showcase Needs

Our team is committed to meeting your jewelry showcase needs, no matter the style of showcase or type of finish you need. Many of our showcases come fully assembled and require little to no maintenance. We promise both high quality and affordability to ensure that all of your needs are met. To learn more about how we can meet your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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