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Plus Size Mannequins


Now is the perfect time to get a bit more "real" with the mannequins you are using in your store displays. No matter the consumer you are hoping to target, the use of plus size mannequin displays is becoming more important than ever. The key here is to do so in a stylish, contemporary way. If you lack a realistic everyday woman in your display, chances are good you'll create a bad taste in the mouth of your would-be customers. Why should you use larger proportioned mannequins in your displays?

Consider Recent Trends

Perhaps you've heard about the French models who were so thin and unhealthy looking that the government had to step in to help minimize the risk that these models would actually work in the industry. The realistic point of view here is simple. If you want women to purchase the clothing you have to offer, you really do need to choose mannequins that are more reflective of real people. So its time to incorporate a least one plus size female mannequin!

To be more precise, the French government has put new laws in place that ban the use of excessively thin models within the local fashion industry. This was a stunning blow to many fashion executives who for years used the super skinny to showcase their products. The law may be controversial, but the reasoning behind it is clear. Super skinny isn't healthy.

But take another view of this industry. Super skinny models are not a good representation of your client base. Even the world's most well-known designer labels are beginning to offer clothing that's a bit larger or a bit better suited for today's actual consumer. In making this move, they are appeasing the needs of the consumer.

How We Can Help You

Plus size fashions are growing in popularity and you need to have the mannequins that help to make these sizes more beautiful and properly represented on your sales floor. By using a full figure mannequin, you can create a beautiful display that really reach out to today's consumer. And, our products are the best in the business to help make that possible.

Check out Subastral Inc. and our product line of plus sized mannequins. Our range of larger fitting forms offer a variety of sizes and shapes for you to select from based on what would work best for your specific client base. You will also find all of our products are designed to be impressive in their quality. This means they truly do help your displays to look beautiful.

Are you still out of the loop? Now is the time to make a change and Subastral Inc. can help you to make it happen. Let us know your needs and allow us to help you to get the results you want. When you include these forms into your retail scheme you'll turn heads for all of the right reasons.

Contact us today to learn more about any of our products. We're here to help you to look good!

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