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Maternity Clothing Display Forms


A relatively recent trend has seen the migration of maternity wear from the specialist retailer to high street fashion generalist. As a result, many fashion apparel boutiques now find it profitable to incorporate a range of maternity clothing, and as availability continues to expand, so too does expectation and increasing demand.

For boutique owners who wish to benefit from this growing market Subastral Inc offers a selection of maternity display forms and pregnant mannequins for merchandising fashion apparel for expectant moms. These purpose made pregnancy dress forms reflect the change in attitude towards the maternity fashion marketing, requiring maternity mannequins that are not just functional but as stylish as any other. Each maternity display form is skillfully modeled, accurately proportioned and features a pinnable, fabric covered torso is set on a height adjustable metal base and topped with a decorative finial.

In addition to the pregnant mannequins we also carry the maternity apparel display pillow. The maternity display pillow is an easy to use foam-formed ‘bump’, which fixes in place using Velcro straps and turns any dress form or mannequin into a pregnant dress form or pregnant mannequin display.

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