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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Display Pedestals


There are times when the only suitable display apparatus is a pedestal. Certain items deserve the distinction of being presented on a display pedestal. Only by being so, separated from peripheral distractions, can their qualities be fully appreciated. Whether they are used for promotional marketing in a retail environment, for sculpture in a gallery or for the artifacts and collectibles of an enthusiast, these beautifully crafted veneer cabinets with protective glass covers are the perfect platform for the task. Each pedestal display is made with expert craftsmanship here in the USA and built for durability. A choice of laminate finish including black, white, walnut etc and fitted internal lighting including led spot lights will illuminate your products to perfection.

At Subastral Inc we supply a variety of display pedestals for creating free standing focal exhibits in retail stores, trade shows, gallery and museum exhibition use. The range of pedestals are suitable for displaying shoes, handbags and various gift items on the sales floor or in window displays and for exhibiting art, jewelry and artifacts in museums and galleries. The free standing vertical form is designed to independently showcase specific items and is highly effective for drawing attention to and encouraging close examination of more fragile and valuable pieces.

The superb quality and distinctive designs of our pedestals are intended to provide more than a basic utility. These display pedestals the sophisticated choice when quality matters. Choose from our plinth style pedestals for a sturdy unobtrusive presentational stand or for a heightened level of security and to exhibit and protect fragile artifacts, check out our museum display pedestals which incorporate an enclosed, locking glass display case.

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