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Purse Display


A well merchandised purse display is the most effective way to attract customer attention and boost retail sales. A fact that is true for all well merchandised items but never more so than with non-essential, luxury objects of desire such as handbags and purses!

Purses are a hot commodity in today’s fashion market and the right handbag display fixtures are essential to capitalize on these lucrative women's fashion accessories.

Perhaps you're wondering what the best purse display is for your retail store? And what are the various considerations to be aware of? Well, let’s take a look at some of the fixture options available, how they are used.

At Subastral Inc we supply a variety of retail fixtures that are perfect for enhancing your handbag display and organizing your stock for maximal visual presentation. From freestanding counter-top purse display stands for single handbags to our floor standing purse rack that holds 40 handbags in total, our displays are designed to catch attention, promote merchandise and boost sales.

Our floor standing polished chrome purse racks are suitable for holding multiple handbags suspended from height adjustable arms. The arms of this style of rack are 4 way facing and provide all around browsing. Available in a choice of straight arm or waterfall, each display has eight arms equipped with 5 hooks apiece. With the capacity to display up to 40 purses at a time this sturdy workhorse provides the solution for merchandising fast-fashion items. These handbag displays are efficient and convenient merchandisers, enabling quick stocking of on-trend items as well as providing high visibility presentation for multiple items including color and style options with minimal fuss.

Luxury purses require a more specialized presentation to fully reveal their features and demonstrate their particular quality and merits; a counter-top purse display stand is the fixture of choice for these more exclusive items. For practical function, an adjustable height arm extends to the fit the length of the purse strap adapting to hold the item to best effect. Display tables, étagères, pedestals and shelves are also a very effective solution for retail handbag display, especially clutch handbags which can’t be hung. Higher quality merchandise benefits from this less cluttered method of visual presentation. This approach greatly benefits the presentation of high-quality items, where closer inspection allows the customer to appreciate the extraordinary details and quality of workmanship that sets the merchandise apart.

Grouped together on the table top by style, size and color etc it is possible to create eye-catching, artful handbag assemblages that are easy to browse.

For the more high priced designer purses, we carry a range of superior quality display cases constructed with tempered safety glass and made with real wood veneers. These beautifully designed display cases provide security and peace of mind for very valuable merchandise. For the exceptional and rare purses we also supply museum display cases. Frequently this type of handbag display case is used for the more haute couture or collectible vintage items that require a high degree of security that only a lockable case can provide. This vitrine style case is also available with internal spotlights making an ideal setting showcase your Birkin in your boutique!

Handbags are luxury impulse items; for effective retail display, an element of presentational flair helps to tip the acquisitive impulse and, if implemented successfully, will achieve very measurable results. Purse displays provide multiple functions; they supply the logical means of organizing merchandise, protect the merchandise from careless handling and present the products in an attractive, easily browsable manner; balancing the needs of the retailer with the expectations of the prospective customer.

Subastral Inc’s collection of retail purse displays, which are in stock and ready to ship (* please note the museum display cases are made to order and have approx 3 week lead time). If you have any questions regarding the products you see here, please feel free to contact us.

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