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Dress Forms


The enduring popularity of dress form displays with generations of apparel retailers is a testament to their consistent effectiveness for in-store promotion and sales driving capability. Even now, with state-of-the-art tools available, the simple dress form is still the heavy artillery in the visual merchandisers stock of persuasive imagery.

Here at Subastral Inc. we supply a wide range of dress forms that are specifically designed for effective retail display. You can get a better understanding of the different types of forms we supply by reading below and hopefully it will allow you to make a more informed decision as to what will be the best fit for your store.

The dress form is perhaps the most powerful influencer of customer behavior on the retail floor, it is a proxy for a full time model; communicating the possibilities of an outfit, showing the customer how it is worn and cross-promoting coordinates and accessories the store also has to offer elsewhere.

Apparel that must otherwise be organized on hangers or stacked on shelves can be given life-like form and presented as actually worn with a dress form; demonstrating how the fabric hangs and fits allowing the customer to fully visualize the apparel in all aspects like no other retail store fixture.

At Subastral Inc we supply height adjustable, professional dressmaker dress forms for fashion designers and seamstresses as well as retail store dress forms for women, men and children in all the popular sizes and in a variety of designs to suit a range of retail schemes. Every form features a sturdy height adjustable base and a fabric covered body with padded underlay to enable pinning of garments to perfect the fitting and presentation of the clothes on display.

Dress forms are available in a number of sizes and shapes, to suit your requirements. Adjustable dress forms are available in 3/4 length with half leg which is great for displaying an array of items including pants, or a torso and hip style which is mainly used for dresses and skirt combinations. the dress form market also includes the dressmaker forms which can be used for for designing, constructing and altering clothing for seamstresses and also doubles as a display for merchandising. The main difference between the basic dress form and the dressmaker forms is the dress form comes in true to fit ready to wear sizes where the dressmaker forms have collapsible arms and removable parts (arms/legs) that can be added for a seamstress to make clothing for a persons exact size - petite to plus size forms are available. Vintage dressmaker forms are easy to recognize as they have a cage like wire bottom half.

Successful fashion retailing follows on the heels of good visual merchandising and the simple, time tested solutions are often the best which is why we offer the following.

Bust Forms

Bust forms are the perfect size for window displays, tabletops and counters. Bust forms supply the means for retailers to draw attention to t-shirts, men's shirts and women's tops. As t-shirts feature more prominently in contemporary fashion collections, retailers need a way to present their lines in a more compelling way.

Subastral Inc offers a variety of display shirt forms that will enhance any interior design and merchandise organization. Specific details vary but all forms are set on a sturdy base for reliable performance and the upper torso is covered with pin-able fabric. Forms are available with vintage, wood and burnished metal bases. In addition to displaying t-shirts and blouses, retailers can use them to show off a variety of accessories, including knitwear, lingerie, shawls and scarves.

Female Dress Forms

An attractive female dress form is a powerful marketing tool for the women's fashion retailer. Consumers are able to fully visualize an outfit compelling with compelling results.

Dress forms are not only powerful merchandising tools but they also enhance the overall visual landscape of the entire retail floor.

At Subastral Inc we provide dress form options of various materials and styles. Jersey or linen fabric featuring a pin-able underlay covers the torso of each stand enabling retailers to arrange the clothing on the stand with precision for the most effective presentation.

Some forms have the option of base pole socket at the hip as well as the center point for displaying jean and pant combinations. Optional shelves provide the ideal way for consumers to see matching handbags, shoes and other accessories.

Subastral also offers a line of forms specifically designed for professional dressmakers. These items meet all industry standards for professional seamstresses and designers (collapsible shoulders etc) but many retailers find them useful for retail floor displays.

Men's Clothing Forms

The male clothing display forms from Subastral Inc are available styles that combines contemporary and traditional elements and can be purchased in all the common sizes for the bespoke/men's tailoring industry. These practical forms feature a fabric covered padded torso which allows the retailer to pin garments and optimize the fit presentation of the dressed form.

Many of the base poles can be fitted using the side socket which allows jackets and shirts to be displayed in conjunction with jeans and pants. Some of our men's display fixtures are also available with shelving for retailers who want to present coordinating accessories alongside the clothing items.

The male clothing display forms from Subastral Inc are available in a style that combines contemporary and traditional elements. Like all functional and practical displays, these forms feature fabric on the torso allowing the retailer to pin apparel neatly to create a more visually appealing presentation.

The durable fabric has a padded underlay and many stand designs can accommodate a side pole suitable for displaying jackets and shirts with coordinating jeans and pants. The male clothing stands are also available with shelving for retailers who want to present coordinating accessories alongside the clothing items.

Retailers can use our adjustable dress forms to present men's formal and casual wear. All forms have attractive details that make them decorative additions to any retail floor as well as functional marketing tools that will increase sales.

Dressmaker forms are also available in men's sizes for the bespoke/men's tailoring industry.

Maternity Clothing Display Forms

Recent trends in maternity fashion retailing have seen this market niche migrate from specialty retailers to mainstream outlets. Many fashion retailers are now offering maternity clothing alongside regular apparel options. With this expansion, comes a need for marketing tools to meet the opportunity.

Any retailer who wants to take advantage of this rapidly growing market can now find a selection of pregnancy mannequins and maternity fashion forms at Subastral Inc. These mannequins are made to the same high standards and include the same functional details as our regular dress forms including adjustable height bases a decorative finial and padded fabric coverings to pin clothing for a perfect presentation.

We also offer a maternity display pillow along with our pregnancy mannequins. This foam formed pad features Velcro straps and provides retailers a convenient and cost effective way to transform any regular mannequin or dress form into a display for maternity clothing.

We offer retailers a maternity display pillow along with our selection of pregnant mannequins. This foam baby bump has Velcro straps and provides retailers a convenient and cost saving way to transform any of our regular mannequins or adjustable dress forms into a stand suitable for displaying maternity clothing.

Subastral Inc is proud to offer this range of clothing display fixtures for men's, women's and kid's apparel. If you have any questions or need assistance making your choice, please give us a call, we'd be happy to help!

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