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Display Tables


Retail display tables are the basic components of store furnishing, they're the simple solution for quickly and easily organizing a broad range of products and are a mainstay of in-store visual merchandising. Well merchandised table displays invite prospective customers to examine, handle and familiarize themselves with your products, encouraging a degree of engagement that is the essence of retail marketing.

Shop tables provide the surface space on which a variety of stock including folded, stacked apparel, ordered rows of beauty products and a wide range of general merchandise can be organized for sale. Table fixtures provide the retailer with the flexibility to stock large or small quantities of merchandise and quickly respond to seasonal spikes and trends. Retail display tables also work well in conjunction with other merchandising props such as signs, torso forms, mannequins, jewelry and accessory stands and small lockable cases for protecting valuable and fragile items. Hats, handbags, belts and ties, and products too numerous to mention can be displayed in eye-catching presentations that create focal points and draw customer interest. Free standing tables are also an indispensable element of in store design for creating islands on the retail floor that define and manage the navigational instincts of prospective customers and expose them to broadest range of products you have to offer.

At Subastral Inc we supply retail store display tables including tiered melamine display tables, folding dump tables, and nesting display tables all of which are available in various colors and finishes to match your products, fit different budgets and complement your store's interior design.

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