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2 Way Racks


Two way racks and four way racks are some of the most effective in-store merchandising displays available to the apparel retailer. Requiring a relatively small amount of retail floor space, the two way rack and four way rack fixtures will organize and display large amounts of merchandise in a very condensed space – delivering, inch for inch, results unmatched by any other retail rack. The ability of these garment racks to activate compact spaces so successfully has made them an essential promotional item for the fashion apparel retailer.

Two way racks and four way racks are configured with clothes rails facing in opposite directions, allowing the customer to browse from the two or four faces respectively. The rails are outward facing so that apparel is frontally displayed in its entirety which has great promotional advantage over the side-view aspect of the standard clothes rail.

The straightforward utility of this type of freestanding floor display is hard to beat - Sturdy, compact and attractive the two way rack and four way rack designs are perfect for organizing and displaying clothes in various combinations of tops, pants, jackets, designer groupings and for seasonal merchandising.

These apparel display racks are available in various options with either straight arms, waterfall style (slanted) arms or a combination of the two.

 Lacquered raw steel finish set on a solid base with casters for easy repositioning within a retail space.

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