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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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T Shirt Displays


T-Shirt Displays from Subastral Inc make it easy to showcase t-shirts, blouses and other tops in stylish and simplified fashion for the benefit of both consumers and staff. We supply t shirt merchandising displays that can be use anywhere from clothing retailers and record shops to visitor centers, boutiques, gift stores and countless other consumer and public outlets. T-shirts account for a substantial segment of the retail fashion industry, loved for their dynamic street styles and brands which range from souvenir items, to vintage tees, sports jerseys and an untold number of underground fashion trends.

Find inspiration and new t shirt display ideas for your cool T’s with the highest quality shirt, top and blouse displays from Subastral Inc. Our clothing store display products are manufactured using premium materials and construction techniques to ensure long-lasting and durable function.

Make selecting your t-shirt products quick-and-easy with t-shirt displays that show off your merchandise while offering an advantage to browsing customers. Arrange t-shirts and tops by size, color, style and brand with our revolving t shirt display which is set on casters to make moving the display from one area to another a simple process and an acrylic display frame which lets you promote the products with signs for brands, sizes and styles etc. Be sure to check out our cube-shelf floor display cases, available in single sided or double sided designs, these fixtures have an outstanding capacity to organize multiple items easily sorted by style and color.

Create a feature display items with our shirt displays. Used in conjunction with folded apparel on display tables or clothing racks, the shirt display or torso mannequin has the potent ability to promote sales. Our male shirt form and female blouse form come in a choice of color and are available with, or without shoulders. Like all of our merchandising equipment, our shirt form and blouse form displays are made with premium, durable materials that look great and can be used over and over again. For added function the shirt forms also feature a padded underlay which enables t shirts to be pinned in place so they look their best for display.

Efficient shirt displays attract and tempt, but can only succeed in their purpose if the underlying order and logic plays its part. Our t shirt displays will keep your merchandise in apple-pie order!

If you don’t find something to suit your store among our t shirt display options browse our Garment Racks, Mannequin Torso Forms, Blouse and Shirt Forms or Display Tables. Alternatively call us and speak with one of friendly and knowledgeable staff members who may be able to assist in finding the right solution for you.

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