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Wall Mounted Display Cases


At Subastral Inc. we supply a full line of wall mounted display cases and wall hanging display cases, designed to suit a range of environments including retail stores, medical offices, commercial outlets and offices. With the majority of our wall mounted displays manufactured in the USA, we have the ability to produce superior quality products with prices that accommodate all budgets.

Our imported wall mounted displays are manufactured with the same standards we adhere to when constructing our displays here in the USA. These displays are ideal for showcasing high value items including collectible antiques and artifacts, jewelry, accessories, trophies and awards. Our cases are available in a variety of rich textures and finishes with many choices of materials and styles, including a durable melamine laminate, natural wood or a sleek aluminum extrusion frame which provides greater all-round visual exposure for the contents of the glass cabinet. For additional functionality, internal lighting is fitted option within each wall display case to create the perfect illumination and enhance the presentation of the items contained.

Wall mounted display cases can be installed directly on a wall surface or recessed into a wall for a built in appearance. Environments with limited space can exhibit items in these displays at eye level without impeding the visibility of the items or crowding floor space.

Each wall mounted display case is fitted with tempered glass to comply with locations that have special requirements. These displays are perfectly suited for schools and can be used to showcase smaller sized trophies and award plaques and are great for showcasing high value items including collectible antiques, artifacts, jewelry and accessories.

Valuable items require special presentation to maintain security and provide protection from careless or unsupervised handling and to remain dust free. Items such as trophies, glass and china, collectibles and treasured memorabilia should be enjoyed and appreciated and the wall mounted showcase provides the perfect capacity to achieve this.

Keep in mind, prior to purchasing a wall hanging case, especially for smaller expensive items; where you choose to hang a wall mounted display case is as equally important as the merchandise you choose to display in it. Because these types of cases are generally a visual display which requires assistance to view the actual contents, especially in a retail environment, they need to be hung at eye level and on a wall where foot access is available. Hanging a wall mounted display behind a cash wrap or desk, makes it less desirable and less likely for the items inside to be seen. If the consumer is able to get up close to the display and see the merchandise, they are more likely to ask for assistance to handle the product.

When selecting a display to hang on a wall, especially if it is a made to order wall mounted display, make sure to consider the size, lighting and internal measurements. Being very specific with your requirements, will allow you to display an array of items in varying shapes and sizes, and ensure that future merchandise you acquire, can easily be displayed.

Wall mounted display cases are easy to install, require very little space and are great visual merchandisers.

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