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Clamp Display System

The Clamp Display System

The clamp display range is an innovative retail scheme than ensures a high level of in-store organization that is both sleek and adaptable. The system provides a non-permanent, flexible framework that is easy to configure to meet your store's changing needs. It does not require any structural refitting to install and can be set-up and modified at a moment's notice.

This is a truly comprehensive scheme that includes multiple options that will evolve to suit your on-going requirements, complete with shelving, slat-wall, waterfall, straight-arm and spiral rails.

In addition to the basic tension poles with add-ons, free-standing floor displays can also be configured for even more convenience. These fixtures are perfect for displaying small retail items, and are as practical and versatile as they are durable and attractive. The free standing displays can be assembled into multiple display combinations for merchandise such as hats, shoes, handbags, wallets, and accessories.

The super-joint category uses structural pipe fittings and corner joints to create stylish tables and shelving modules. These are heavy duty fixtures designed for lasting use. Shelving heights and sizes can be adapted to maximize functionality and visual presentation and to fit a wide variety of merchandise.

The cube system also provides flexible display and storage combined with a refined appearance and can be arranged in an unlimited variety of configurations and heights to best suit your requirements.

The clamp pole system represents a cohesive aesthetic and an ingenious solution for retail store display. With so many components and possible combinations it is genuinely the one of the most convenient and adaptable schemes available.

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