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Slatwall Panels


Slatwall panels are the building blocks of one of today's most popular, functional and versatile retail perimeter display systems. These durable pressure laminate wall panels are available in a choice of melamine finishes including black, white and simulated cherry and maple wood veneers. Horizontal grooved channels accommodate the various inserts and faceouts which are easily slotted into place to create a truly endless array of display possibilities.

Store display is something that frequently evolves over time, it adapts in response to trends and retail possibilities within the market. A slatwall perimeter system provides ample flexibility to adapt to these potential changes without excessive reconfiguring of the overall retail scheme. An apparel retailer can transition into a retailer of general merchandise by simply changing out the apparel display accessories for the purpose made relevant alternatives.

Slatwall panels are affixed directly to the wall (a licensed contractor is recommended for this) and can be used to cover the entire expanse of available wall space or used in selected areas only. Once installed, the area becomes an integral component of your retail merchandising scheme, allowing merchandise to be displayed and organized with easy logic in an extremely space efficient manner.

We also supply various items of trim to enhance the presentation of the finished slatwall including colored and vinyl inserts as well as a full range of slatwall accessories.

Subastral Inc is proud to bring you top quality Wind Mill Slatwall Products. Wind Mill manufactures both stock and customized slatwall retail displays. With close to 40 years of experience, the company has been producing high-quality slatwall since 1980 at its manufacturing centers in Wisconsin and Washington.

Wind Mill Slatwall is known for the superior durability of its fixtures and displays and is the exclusive manufacturer of Anchor™ Core slatwall which boasts twice the strength of traditional slatwall made with medium-density fiberboard core. This highly durable slatwall is available in a range of different laminates and finishes. Its slatwall products can also by enhanced with vinyl inserts, PVC accent strips, staining, lacquering, and metal inserts.

In addition to the versatility and strength of their output, Wind Mill Slatwall Products are committed to the use of sustainable manufacturing processes and manufacture right here in the U.S.A.!

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