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Slatwall Accessories


Retail slatwall hardware is the simple solution for displaying a broad range of merchandise as part of a store wall display and also in conjunction with free standing floor units. This system allows limitless possibilities to extend a perimeter wall display horizontally and vertically in a space-efficient manner and which can be easily changed when required.

At Subastral Inc we carry an extensive range of slatwall supplies that are suitable for merchandising a broad array of retail products. Hardware that is designed for easy use and made to the highest industry standards and quality materials including powder-coated black and white or chrome plated steel.

Slatwall provides a solution for maximizing your floor-space by organizing merchandise around the retail perimeter to its fullest potential. Moving products onto the retail wall eliminates floor clutter and allows you to display products skillfully at eye level! Accessories for maximizing your retail space include shelves, brackets, faceouts, wire baskets, hat racks, acrylic sign holders, hooks and hangrails.

Easy to install, customize and ring in the changes when required, this system is unbeatable for organizing your retail with logic and visual clarity but slatwall hardware is also perfect for use in home workshops, garages, offices, industrial facilities for the very same reasons.

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