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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Slatwall Accessories


Contemporary slatwall accessories provide the specialist tools to configure your store display for a wide variety of merchandising needs.

Perimeter display systems allow the vendor to put the retail wall space to optimal use for organizing a broad range of merchandise from apparel and accessories to all kinds of general merchandise. In fact, at Subastral Inc we supply a comprehensive range of slatwall accessories and display fixtures including towers, H-units and shelves that enable in-store merchandising and the organization of all sorts of retail merchandise with visual logic and order.

Slatwall accessories and slat board accessories allow unlimited possibilities to extend a perimeter display horizontally and vertically around the interior walls in a most space-efficient manner whist allowing unlimited flexibility for reconfiguring as necessary.

Our slatwall accessories and hardware are constructed with small back plates making them easy to fit into the slatwall panel grooves while minimizing excess visual clutter. All our slatwall display fixtures are made of high grade steel for the greatest strength and finished in polished chrome for long lasting, non-tarnishing wear.

Specific slatwall accessories and slat board hooks exist for displaying for all types of merchandise and also make great slatwall garage accessories. Purpose-made slatwall brackets are designed to meet particular needs and present your merchandise with matchless skill and adaptability.

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