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Wall Display Cases


Well merchandised retail wall display cases are an excellent way to grab customer attention. These large display cases provide ample capacity to arrange the contents for a really compelling presentation. From retail stores to schools, offices, hotels and universities, wall display cases serve a number of purposes in these very varied locations. At Subastral Inc, we carry a range of superb quality wall display cases constructed with tempered safety glass and made in a variety of materials and finishes including real woods, aluminum hardware, security locks and melamine and decorative wood veneer surface finishes, and, we are proud to say that every case is built with a respect for quality, practical function and an appealing, balanced design aesthetic.

Wondering what the benefits of a wall display case are over another glass display case? Do they justify the extra expense? Let’s take a look at some of benefits and various uses that these display fixtures provide.

Retail wall display cases. Most commonly used in a retail setting to display a variety of merchandise, including valuable or fragile items such as jewelry, beauty products, crystal and gift items, electronics and so much more. The enclosed display protects delicate merchandise from careless or unsupervised handling and showcases the items with heightened effect.

A case to celebrate achievement. . Beyond their retail application, these cases provide the perfect home to display trophies and awards in a variety of institutions such as schools, colleges and corporate settings etc. They can also perform an additional function in the workplace by providing easy and convenient storage for essential office resources including (as well as awards) display brochures and stationary supplies etc. All in all, wall display cases fill a rather useful niche that works well in a number of institutions and corporate environments.

Lockable and secure. Our wall case designs feature easy-to-use sliding glass doors which are stock fitted with security locks. This makes for a great large jewelry display case, the generous space enabling neck forms, necklace T-bars and ring trays etc to be displayed on the shelves and locked in securely to restrict unmonitored access.

Internal Lighting. All our wall unit display cases are fitted with internal illumination, and with additional LED spotlights available as an upgrade on many cases. This ensures that the contents of your showcase – whether it is store merchandise for retail or trophies on display at a local high school – are always visible and shown to optimal effect.

Height adjustable shelves. Last but not least, our wall display cases boast adjustable-height tempered glass shelves to accommodate a range of varying sized items, from the tallest trophies to smaller retail items, such as jewelry, collectibles and gift items. Height adjustable shelves allow you to arrange the interior of the case according to its contents to maximize your presentation.

Choice of finishes. Our wall display cases are available in a number of different finishes, so we hope to provide something to suit everyone’s taste. This includes wood laminates, veneer finishes, aluminum and melamine to name a few or a number of flat colors are also available for a more contemporary aesthetic if preferred. Our oak display cases can be finished in a variety of natural wood color stains including cherry, walnut, maple, or a smooth colored lacquer of your choice.

Style. We hope that our selection of display case ranging from modern to traditional styles and available in various heights and widths will present the right option to meet your requirements. View our contemporary designs including full vision, glass to glass designs for maximum visibility, or our traditional Queen Anne vintage style display case.

All in all, wall display cases are an excellent choice to suit a wide range display needs. They are extraordinarily versatile and provide a highly functional solution for presentational needs balanced with security requirements. With our variety of designs, add-on options, and price points there is something for everyone’s preference.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for among our wall display cases, perhaps you will find something among our trophy display cases, jewelry showcases, tower display cases or even our wall mounted display cases. We are happy to answer any of your questions and are on hand to assist. We are an experienced supplier of these cases and include among our customers numerous schools, universities, hospitals, government departments and corporate institutions across the USA. We would be happy to include you on our list of satisfied customers - so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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