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Eyewear Display


Browse our select range of contemporary eyewear displays that vary in style and size to suite the distinct needs of the retailer. Stationary countertop holders, rotating stands and wall-mounted racks designed for displaying and dispensing all types eyewear, including prescription optical frames and fashion glasses. To help maximize sales and maintain efficiency we supply displays that will provide organization and visual logic to compliment your eyewear frames.

Eyewear fashions, including prescription optical glasses and designer eyewear frames represent a highly lucrative market which has experienced phenomenal expansion over the past two decades, making it an intensely competitive marketplace. If current growth remains consistent, sales in the next five years are projected to reach $20 Billion. Demand for eyewear has expanded as a personal fashion item, one that is cherished as an extension of personality in a way no other fashion accessory is. Now, consumers frequently update eyewear as often as they purchase shoes, handbags, accessories, etc. Retailers have reacted to this demand by making a wide selection of frames available to consumers at any given time. Added to this an increased awareness of the dangers of UV exposure and unavoidable eyestrain we contend with daily staring at smart phones and computer screens and it appears to be a solid bet for future business growth.

Specialist optical displays are available from Subastral Inc in response to the needs of these dynamic industries. Our eyewear displays are designed to be practical and engaging, incorporating quality details such as built-in illumination and sleek modern styling that combine ergonomic and aesthetic considerations for maximum presentation value and effective retail display. Floor-standing optical display cases provide secure lockable cabinet storage and retail presentation of up to 108 eyewear frames while optical wall showcases allow the perimeter space to be used for store display with minimal loss of floor space. Optical dispensing tables, revolving counter-top racks for reading glasses and store fixtures for showcasing and storage of eyewear that will maximize your presentation and make the best impression with your customers!

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